Zelda Demo Control "Bugs"

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  1. Midna

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    Apr 13, 2008
    Everyone's been complaining about desync in the Skyward Sword demo recently. Most have chalked it up to it not being the final version of the game. I'm not exactly sure if that's true. I asked Rich, the guy reviewing SS at IGN. His reply:

    I've played the game myself. For me, it's just has he describes. The aiming bugs out if you point the wiimote offscreen, but at any time while aiming you can press down to recentre. Not a problem. Motion desync has also not been much of a problem at all for me. It has not hindered my gameplay, and I've beaten all 3 modes through multiple times. Sure, I have to recal from time to time, but it's just about as Rich says. Nothing too serious. If the control in the final version was exactly the same as in my demo, I wouldn't have much a problem with it.

    So you might need to get used to the demo controls. They might be there to stay.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

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  2. TerraPhantm

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    My gut feeling is that you'll have to recalibrate every once in a while, but perhaps not as frequently as you do in the demo.
  3. Andrew_DS

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    Nov 3, 2011
    The first time I played the demo it kept desynching all the time, but in subsequent playthroughs I haven't really had much of an issue, so yeah you could be on to something with the theory of its how some people play that does it =)

    Incidentally when I try the demo on dolphin it desynchs quite often. Just found that interesting
  4. Yatashi Strife

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    I re-calibrated multiple times on the demo to know avail with my black wiimote with the wii motion plus built in. im done with the demo anyway, just wanted to play it once.
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    thanks for the head's up Louis!
  6. koji2009

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    The Edge game reviewer said he didn't have to do much resyncing at all. No one said you didn't have to resync at all, just that the amount that you had to do it was much greater in the demo build (and it is)