Zelda Crossbow Training!

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    Breaking news: Wii Zapper pack-in will be Zelda Crossbow Training

    If you're a manager for a GameStop store, at this moment you're in Vegas, enjoying all the vendors pitching their games to you. A source at the show tells Opposable Thumbs that after Nintendo's speech, the managers were given a world-exclusive first look at the pack-in game for the Wii Zapper. Are you ready? Zelda Crossbow Training.

    "The game looked beautiful," my source said. "I'm pretty sure it was running on the Twilight Princess engine. It's a third-person game, and you had some control over Link. While the video was way too short to get a good idea of the gameplay, it looks like a light-gun inspired Zelda title." (He says that as if we'd know what a light gun-inspired Zelda title would look like.)

    This is huge news, and it should sell a bunch of Wii Zappers. Zelda Crossbow Training will come packaged with the Wii Zapper hardware for $20. No specific release date was given.

    Source: Ars Technica

    Damn you, Nintendo, playing to my Zelda fanboyism! I'm gonna be getting this game now... I mean, come on, it's probably only going to be £20 when it hits here! You can't go very wrong...
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    Oh god, Nintendo. Please don't ruin Zelda with minigames and crappy spin offs. Leave those to Mario.
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    Shut up, I want to see a Zelda DDR game before I pass away.
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    Mmm not sure what I think about this, I'm sure it won't suck and that it'll play well.

    I thought the game that comes with the Zapper would be a Wii Sports/Play style compilation of games, kinda expected Duckhunt or Gumshow and a few others. Perhaps they'll be sold on the WiiWare channel or just the originals on VC.
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    Awesome, I was expecting some sort of basic Duck Hunt remake but this sounds a lot more fun.

    Of course if $20 is too expensive, I'm sure the game will be dumped and we'll see DX selling Wii Zapper clones for $5. [​IMG]
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    Brain Training
    More Brain Training
    Face Training
    English Training
    Toilet Seat Training
    Training Training
    Zelda Crossbow Training

    Zelda = New non-game hero confirmed!
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    I think Jack Thompson will be on to Crossbow Training! Teaching kids to shoot monkeys with a crossbow.

    Oh yeah don't forget Vision Training whatever its called.
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    You forgot Dick Cheney's Friendly Fire Training