zelda botw i feel overwhelmed lil advice please.

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  1. brandonwest

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    Mar 26, 2017
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    I got 30 shrines complete beat first divine god Zoras domain.I have 40 hours in game,
    Whats best way tackle this game its huge .I feel like in 40 hours time most people have half game beat or more.

    Its so hard to find shrines and equipment,Im always scrounging for bow or weapon to kill stuff with.I no idea what recipes to make trying avoid guides at same time.I might have bite bullet buy 1 .
    This game is so huge i feel like im making no progress.

    Any tips what to focus on first make game lil more easyer feel like im making progression some what i only found 1 fairy fountain so far my wepaons are always broke its nightmare.
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  2. xile6

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    Get the shrine detector.
    And make yourself d plan.
    I like to climb up high and look around marking places i wanna go. Then worj my way towards them. Also helps to unlock the map so u can read the places name.
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    Don't focus on your progress so hard. Embrace the game.
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    Aug 18, 2015
    - The first thing you should do upon entering any new region is getting its' tower, then its' stables.
    There's always a shrine near a stable/town, allowing for easy, quick travel around the region.
    - If some corner of the map seems particularly empty, look around there. Probably has a shrine.
    - Remember to upgrade your tunics whenever possible,
    - Sometimes it's a good idea to just leave the enemies alone,
    - Ask Impa for directions on where the other Divine Beasts are.
    - Recipes are easy. Just put some meat and mushrooms in the pan, and you'll get perfectly usable things.
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  6. brandonwest

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    Mar 26, 2017
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    thanx for tips guys.yes im trying to kill everything in plain sight lol
    so best thing to do is get map unlocked,farm weapons then do shrines gotcha.
    This is my first open world rpg and horizon zero dawn also ,Both which are good fun but no easy task .
    i just ordered skyrim on ps4, which i never played .
    So im quite new to open world series ,I also getting xenoblade x when i finish those 3 blockbusters.
    these hsould last me till mario odyseey is out nd xenoblade 2 which looks quite fun.