Zeitgeist movies (Free conspiracy movie)

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    Apr 12, 2010
    was just wandering how many people have seen the zeitgeist movie with all the stuff to do with elections at the moment and the copyright issues with canada happening.

    though i hope it doesnt upset people who do whatch it, as its free to whatch and download.
    i guess for those that have an open mind

    well heres the link

    conspiracies like 9/11,religion and the american money system/global bankers

    whats peoples views on the film?
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    Apr 20, 2010
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    I'm still taking it all in, but I do have to say this: these two films were the most relevant and worthwhile four hours spent staring at a screen in my entire 26 1/2 year life.

    Throwing around the word conspiracy, however, is a deterrent to most people, particularly US citizens, including the type who would probably have the most appreciation for these films. The way the media has kept us in line has put an unmistakable suspicion in the american mind with the word conspiracy, especially in association with 9/11 and government, leading most people to ignore things like this.

    Cynicism and skepticism in media and entertainment have set the example that learning the truth about ourselves and our history and actions won't change anything or make our lifestyles better.

    It's disappointing but at the same time, it's making me think. My first reaction was actually a personal decision that I've been debating about for a year, and that is to never have children. I'm already disgusted with the things my country's children expect and believe about themselves, the world, and the effect the declining education system has had on them. It's not just the educational system which is just a symptom, but that entertainment/media has already replaced parenting for the most part in this country. It wasn't as bad when I was a teenager but it was already set in its' course.

    A comment my friend made when I was discussing it with him (he'd already seen these films last year) was, "..it won't matter when money is worthless." Until he said that I was only pessimistic about how things will turn out over the next eight years (at the end of which the second film projected, the economy would be completely bankrupt).
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