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Sep 1, 2010
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Yugioh Tag Force 6 v2 Full English Translation was released a few days ago near the beginning 2021

The Audio Files are not in a container, they are ".bgp" files

that is

they are ".at3" files with header information added to the file,

delete anything with a hex editor before the "RIFF" (looks like that in caps) values at the beginning of the file, then you can use "AT9&AT3 Converter V2.3" to convert the, .bgp (change file extension to .at3), into a ".wav" audio file and play it in "potplayer" (once you delete the header values before the "RIFF", you can just rename the file extension to .at3, and it will also play in "potplayer", without converting to .wav"

(that "header" information you had to removed to get the audio file to play, i think is the "pointer file" so if you want to use another audio track, in replacement, you need to add that "pointer information" back to the beginning of the file before the "RIFF" audio file identifier)

It shouldn't be that difficult to replace the audio, so what, we will probably do is swap different in game music into the, "normal battle ... battle willing ... battle losing ... tag tournament" audio. (yugioh 6 audio for yugioh 6 audio, just swapping a few tracks with duplicates).
Yugioh Tag Force 3 (different in game audio swapped........from yugioh tag force 2 audio dump.....same audio music was used for yugioh tag force 3 by developers) (to replace, normal battle, winning, losing, and tag tournament)

Yugioh Tag Force 4 (untouched)

Yugioh Tag Force 5 (audio music was taken form Yugioh Tag Force 4 to replace, normal battle, winning, losing, and tag tournament)

Yugioh Tag Force 6 (if it works just in game track replacement with in game tracks, like yugioh tag force 3, yugioh tag force 6 to yugioh tag force 6)
Don't know yet if the Music Will Work, but we'll have to see about it in a few hours, today or tomorrow.

Yugioh Tag Force 6 didn't make it into the USA or Europe (its now english translated fully), because of its in game language that has a lot of dating simulation like commentary

(there may or may not be file size limitation, meaning the new files are always same size or smaller, because the are "written in", because the music file are "loose", not in a container/packed together, maybe able to select larger sized files, after switching out the pointer/header information...............if not, equal or smaller sized files will be written to................we'll have to see)

Update 1

Yugioh Tag Force 6, sound track isn't that good, for anything battle music related replacement............will use different audio from yugioh 4 or yugioh 3 for replacement............this way if you use all of my releases, you won't hear the same battle music each game

Update 2 (yugioh tag force 6 replacements)

Normal Battle Music = "duel_normal_1_t" and "duel_normal_2_t" ..... replace with "psp_snddat_00000021" from yugioh Tag Force 4

Battle Winning = "duel_1_y" ... (Battle Losing = duel_1_r), both replaced with "psp_snddat_00000002" ......... from yugioh tag force 4

I think that's it the rest is not super nasty, the tournament music is acceptable, not good but, not designed to cringe the player in a bad way. (like yugioh tag force 5 with loud whistle blows and sharp shreeks) ............now to see if it all works (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 (EMU).zophar......music dump used from yugioh 4)

(added the headers from the .bgp files, and the, data after the audio file, the zeros to the end of file, essentially swapping out the audio file)

Update 3 (Play Testing)

Works (in normal duel select, west coast to hear new music, normal mode)
(there is sometimes one or two brief 1 second pause in the music during the course of a match, otherwise the music plays correctly and loops.............will try to remove the "zeros" before the final few bites of information that was added from the original files...........otherwise the patch will be released in a few)

Update 4 (replacements)

Just Renaming an audio file from Yugioh 6 and replacing file Works with Yugioh 6

Yugioh Tag Force 4 file "psp_snddat_00000021" ...........is the same as.............Yugioh 6 file story_12.bgp

The Duel Sound Tracks are really bad all audio..............it has "destiny music" that will all have to be one file, very annoying to have that randomly selected during matches for those files...............I'll just Swap Yugioh 6 for Yugioh 6, want to avoid potential errors............the release is coming in a few (minutes/hours).

duel_1_r.bgp (losing) = map_arc.bgp
duel_1_y.bgp (winning) = map_arc.bgp
duel_boss_t.bgp = map_room.bgp
duel_destiny_1.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_destiny_2.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_destiny_3.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_destiny_4.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_duel_t.bgp = map_room.bgp
duel_normal_1_t.bgp = story_12.bgp
duel_normal_2_t.bgp = story_12.bgp
duel_sig_t.bgp = map_room.bgp
duel_team_t.bgp = map_room.bgp

Yugioh only has "normal battle music", "music that interrupts the normal battle music", and "tag dual battle music"

Yugioh Tag Force 6 has, really attacked the player, with a barrage of jarring music, at this point in the series............Yugioh series would later die off from consoles.

(Yugioh 5 Tag Force, the music isn't clearly labeled, like in this iso package of Yugioh 6..............but the music over all, is bad, but not as bad as Yugioh 6, so its barable)

(on to the patch and some testing) (use umdgen, rename the files to want to change into other files, save the .iso, audio files in the snd/bgm folder)

Update 5
Yugioh Tag Force6 No Jiving Music Mod

Apply to the "v2.0" version 2.0 english patch, it was released recently (Tag Force 6 v2.0). Don't use .cso or any compression, with most translations or mods, compression will cause game crashes! Enjoy!

(technically used larger sized audio files, even if same, maybe crashing for that reason)
(the patch is no good, will have to redo everything) (link removed) (update section 4 music files selection fixed) (writing directly to the game .iso......rather then rebuilding using umdgen, simply put, finding the files in red above, replacing them with just the "riff to end of data, before the "zeros"", the audio data)

Yugioh Tag Force6 Eng2.0 No Jiving MOD

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