Yugioh Saikyo Card Battle Translation Or Game Save

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    Well ive done some digging and saw that Omarrio (known yugioh game translator) has made a patch for the cards in the game (which is all one really needs) and has given it to one person but since omarrio doesnt like the game he wont release it publicly (which imho is fucking stupid cuz other ppl like it but anyway) i found the person who has the patch on youtube but he ignores any request (from anyone) to email the patch to me and i dont have time for that cuz why would you hold onto it knowing the owner will never release it and ppl really want it so im here to humbly request that a translation be made at least for the cards i watch enough sub anime to know the gist of whats being said but i see no other way to get this done so can someone pleeeeeeeeeease try translating the cards or show me what i need to be able to do it myself cuz i dont see this game coming to USA/EU anytime soon if at all and by time it does i couldve been playing the japanese version. Thanks if anyone does decide to help out.
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