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    Well, I noticed how people have been basing the 3 Egyptian God Cards Effect (Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, and The Winged Dragon of Ra) from the YugiOh nightmare's tribudar? Well, I decided that it would be better we actually had their true effects because they nerfed the cards making Obelisk strongest, Ra, then Slifer. I wrote down what I have found their effects to be from watching the subbed episodes. Please YuGiOh fans, if you notice something wrong with my descriptions of their effects, do tell! ^.^ But the way I have written down each of their effects...Ra is definitely in a class of his own (as he should be) and second would be Obelist, then Slifer...

    All Gods Effect:

    Trap cards cannot destroy God cards (but they can stop God cards, negate damage, or reduce/
    increase a God's attack or defense points; these only last one turn)

    Spell Cards will only last one turn on God cards (ei: Rageki/Dark Hole a god card; it will
    return after the turn is over)

    God cards are only affected by the effects of other God cards

    God cards cannot switch field position (Brain control/Change of Heart/Enemy controller/ etc.)

    If a God card is special summoned to the field in defense mode, you may use it to defend other
    cards on the field (The God card would be target instead; similar to Jam Defender).
    (An attack declared may then be canceled because another card has appeared onto the field)

    Definition of Instant Attack= If there are cards/rules that prevent attacks (such as vengeful
    bog spirit) you may then activate this effect to still conduct battle phase. If you use
    "Instant Attack" during your opponents turn, you are permitted to conduct battle phase during
    your opponents turn.

    Definition of "Monster Absorption"= You may sacrifice monster cards and their attack and
    defense will be added to the Ra's respectively. This effect can be used during opponent's
    turn. (Note, Diffusion can be used to seperateabsorbed monsters from Ra, but the monsters
    do not return, instead, their attack points are converted into life points)


    The Winged Dragon of Ra

    Choose one of the two forms:
    1) Normal Form-
    Effects of normal form:
    *Instant Attack* (Can only be activated through special summoning)
    *Ra is able to convert all but one life points to Ra's attack points (Called "one turn kill"
    in Japan)
    *Ra is able to perform monster absorption
    *When Ra attacks (He attacks all cards with less attack and defense (depending on position).
    Life points are loss respectively if the monsters attacked were in attack position. If Ra
    destroyed all monster cards on the field, you may also declare direct attack on the
    opposing player.

    2) Phoenix Form (Can only be in this formed through special summoning)
    *Ra cannot be removed from the field (except by expiration of trap/spell)
    *Pay 1000 life points to destroy all monster cards on your opponents side of the field (If
    your opponent control one or more god cards, you must destroy the Gods before you can use
    the effects of destroying all monster; Ra's effect will only destroy one God at a time)

    Obelisk the Tormentor
    *Sacrifice two monster to raise obelisk attack points to infinity
    *Sacrifice two monster to destroy all monsters on opponents side of the field and deal 4000
    direct life points damage

    Slifer the Sky Dragon
    *Slifer's attack points are dependant on the number of cards in hand multiplied by 1000
    *Whenever your opponents summons or sets a monster, Slifer will deal 2000 points of damage. If
    the monster card being affect by slifer's second ability was reduced to 0 or less (attack or
    defense respectively, the card is destroyed). If the card was not destroyed, the deduction in
    attack or defense point are restored at the end of the turn.

    So yea...Please post some feedbacks for better wordings and if something doesn't seem right. Remember, these are from the subbed episodes. The English dubbed ones did not actually describe the effects that well.
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