Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution announced as Switch exclusive

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    can someone say how was the original legacy of the duelist, did it have a offline mode and updated decks, or is it an online only with dlc purchases for cards. Am a big fan of the series and been wanting to get back into with the video games. I still collect cards yet I have not played much after link was introduced but I enjoyed pendulums so I'm hoping links aren't as bad as people claim they are.
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    Dunno how to feel about this. First of all I'm glad for any Switch Yu-Gi-Oh! release. Loved playing those games back in the days.
    However I highly prefer the original (:ha:) and I really hope MTG Arena gets a Switch port actually.
    It's the only game since a year now that succeeds in keeping me away from my Switch sometimes. :D
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    Very recently got the original Legacy of the Duelist on Steam. You buy the game and DLCs (which are just some extra duels/cards) and then the game is fully offline with no other micro-transaction. Duelling gives you DP, which you can use to buy virtual packs to earn most of the cards. You can earn a couple more through the story mode and such. Cards were mostly up to date, but considering they stopped updating the game when ARC-V came out or something it's still a little behind. Since this updated version would include Links, it should be pretty much 100% up to date, unless they're saving some of the newer cards/archetypes for DLCs.
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    This is accurate. You'd think that because it's a trading card game the DLC would be rapid and incessant. But that's really not the case at all with the original version and I'm hoping it won't be for this one either.
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    I assume no 3D graphics..
    WHEN will the yu gi oh games finally feature fully 3d models that are WELL animated (not short lame ass but really cool animations)
    There was a 3D game for 3ds that went this road..though it had limited cards..
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    Yeah Saikyo card battle had great basics but it was free to play game on 3ds and that is why it died very fast and they abandon it. I know that it take time to make 3d models of every monster in game, but Legacy of the duelist came out back in 2015 so in these 4 years if they use 1 day to make 1 3d model they could make about 1500 important 3d models for monsters and that is a good beginning, in next game they can add more and etc. I don't know but last year they said that they developed powerful image recognition technology so maybe they will use it for this game.
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    It's the 20th anniversary of the Trading Card Game specifically this year. The TCG began in 1999.
    The manga's 20th was in 2016, that may be where the confusion is coming from.