Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Tag Force 6 English v1.0 by nzxth2 NO GHETTO MUSIC MOD


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Sep 1, 2010
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This applies the same audio file replacements from yugioh 6 (music files in yugioh 6), that were switched..........for this translation just like the translation before. (the new translation has many game fixes).

Pointer (generally the first 84 bytes, or so, beginning with "SP")
Music Segment (begins with "RIFF")
End of file (last 4 bytes begins with "EP")

Anything between the Pointer File, and the End of File, contained within the "Music Segment".............is deleted, and replaced by same size or smaller file to the "end of file" (if the new replacement is too small, the file is extended with blank spaces, ending with the last four bytes "EP", etc).
(the full bytes before the"RIFF" entry was kept, in replacing the pointer in the original files...............the actual header length maybe 8 bytes, but doesn't seem important.............)
duel_1_r.bgp (losing) = map_arc.bgp
duel_1_y.bgp (winning) = map_arc.bgp
duel_boss_t.bgp = map_room.bgp
duel_destiny_1.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_destiny_2.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_destiny_3.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_destiny_4.bgp = map_arc.bgp
duel_duel_t.bgp = map_room.bgp
duel_normal_1_t.bgp = story_12.bgp
duel_normal_2_t.bgp = story_12.bgp
duel_sig_t.bgp = map_room.bgp
duel_team_t.bgp = map_room.bgp

Yugioh only has "normal battle music", "music that interrupts the normal battle music", and "tag dual battle music"

TESTING OF FINISHED MOD (untested so far)
(i'm not doing this from scratch (meaning I didn't have to extract any music which can be done with any program, or convert any music to know what it does or test play, ONLY NEED TO TEST IF WORKS), I did have to fix i think a few files with different lengths with zero bytes................but, yughoh 3, 5, 6 REALLY BAD AUDIO..............yugioh 4 is not that bad to warrant any changes, but LOUD BELLS AND WHISTLES IS NOT VERY GOOD)

(you can follow the previous discussion, if need to extract and play audio in detail, for replacement.................)

Yugioh 6 English 1.0 NO GHETTO Music MOD


Testing: Works Fine Enjoy
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