Ys I & II DS Remakes

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, Oct 24, 2007.

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    The RPG remakes continue!

    From 1up:
    Interchannel-Holon plans to release a remake version of Ys I and Ys II for the Nintendo DS, according to Famitsu magazine. Ys I was originally released on the PC in 1987, followed by Ys II in 1988. The series has become a popular RPG title which spawned several more sequels and ports were also released on game consoles over the years.

    The latest will be remade from the ground up as players will now see new character animations such as Adol swinging a sword (as opposed the original game where it only showed him bumping into enemies), and you will also encounter original enemies and maps in the DS version. The top screen will display the game field while the bottom screen will sport the player stats.

    Other DS features include a boss fight mode and a multiplayer mode. Up to four players can compete over wireless, defeating as many enemies as possible and gathering the orbs they leave behind. Extras such as jukebox allows players to listen to their favorite tunes as well.

    Unfortunately, Ys I and Ys II will not be bundled together but sold as two separate games (and each costs a whopping 5040yen, which is about $44!). Both are expected for a spring 2008 release in Japan.
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    More good RPGs for my DS! Nice [​IMG]
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    Being a huge fan of Ys this is like the best news i could read, however i wouldn't have minded if they just simply ported the PC Engine CD version of Ys Book I & II and stuck it on 1 card. I actually prefer the PC Engine version over the PC/PS2 remake.

    The remakes of Ys 3, 4 and 5 were fuckin awesome on the PS2 though, i finished 3 and 4 a while back and just picked up Ys 5: Lost Kefin Kingdom of Sand.

    Overall Ys Book I & II was always my favorite Action Adventure RPG game. I guess for me it has a lot to do with nostalgia, the story and the totally awesome soundtrack, i know there a lot of people out there feel the same way about this game.

    I really cant wait to see what the DS remake will be like, i sure hope they don't ruin it.
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    Yay, woho, two thumbs up and all that [​IMG]
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    Great, I like Ys.
    I finished Ys1 on MSX and Master system, and Ys3 on Snes.
    I didn't manage to play Ys2 past the ruins (the game on MSX was buggy).
    That's a good news they added the sword (I remember bumping into enemies to fight [​IMG])

    Too bad Ys I & II will not be on the same game.

    I like Ys for those 2 games I know, but also because the name Ys is part of a french/celtic legend.
    It's a legend from "bretagne" (western region of France in Atlantic ocean).

    La légende d'Ys for those how understand french.
    There is a wikipedia article in english too.
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    Even though I'm a huge Sega Head, I've never played Ys. Can't wait.
  7. Torte

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    Ditto. Been hearing it's just like Zelda, but without Zelda, and the genius of Shigeru/Eiji
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    As much as I love the Ys series, these two points have me worried about that remake.
    I believe bumping into enemies would be so much more enjoyable with stylus control.

    Whatever comes out of these projects, I'm sure to give them a try [​IMG]
  9. Hadrian

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