Youtube App begining to hit cutoff in usability?

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by Dracari, Mar 26, 2017.

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    ok i know i got alot better options to watch youtube on the boob-tube. but not so much for a room setup only for older consoles that are pre-HDMI.

    Auto-play channels is the bigger reason i decided the Wii over say a RaspberryPi1

    things had been working for awhile till just 3 days ago. ist random but, upon playing videos in a playlist or in "Channel auto-play" randomly it just brainfarts either w/ a server error code Or "An Error has Occurred" with a Return to menu button.

    has there been a youtube update thats been introduced thats now causing this? or is this likely just Modem/Router needing a swift kick in the keister?
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    As far as router settings go, turn your WiFi channel to 6 or 11. Those work best with YouTube on Wii.
    I had the same problem you did with the "An error has occurred" message kicking me off the channel every ~ten minutes. I was able to fix the problem successfully by deleting the YouTube save data from Data Management > Save Data.
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    Well, The Wii is a weak console, especially now with the web demanding more and more processing power.

    I've got me Wii and Wii U hooked up to LAN, never experienced a thing tho.