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    As many of you know, Rock Band is an awesome game. I never posted pics of my band before, but we finally got some photos done in my basement of us playing, so I thought I'd post a pic of my band!

    From Left to Right:
    Bassist: Steve (DSGamer64 on the forums here)
    Vocalist: Jord (My dad [​IMG] )
    Lead Guitarist: Henry (me, Hank Chill)

    The drummers never show up to practice, however I may switch roles to drummer if my brother ever gets good enough at bass and Steve will take over for lead.

    Anyone else have a band in Rock Band? If so, let's see em!
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    that's amazing, your dad is having such a great time!
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    Mar 9, 2008
    Whoa, nice, now that's having fun! Lol.
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    This is my local band, Bad Bonez.


    I don't know how they'd feel about me using their real names, so I'll use their characters names.

    Left to right:
    (in front) The Dude, a local teacher, Bass
    (just behind him) Me, Lead Guitar
    Shary, The Dude's daughter, Singer
    (no character made), the Dude's wife, also a teacher, Groupie/Roadie and stand-in
    Laurie, also a teacher, Groupie/Roadie and stand-in

    Not shown in the pic are:
    Flames, Laurie's son (taking the pic, but is in pics below), stand-in for guitar/bass, but also works the bass pedal on the drums when one of the stand-ins is playing
    Fee, another teacher (but wasn't there when the pics were taken), main Drummer

    More pics:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Usually it's me on lead, The Dude on bass, Shary singing, and Fee on drums, but we swap out often.

    We also suck.
    I can only play on medium and some on hard. The Dude and Fee can play some songs on medium, but not all of them. And the rest only play on easy.
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    Feb 20, 2007
    Lol, all these bands are awesome, looks so much fun [​IMG]
    But if I ever got Rock Band, I would not have anyone local to play with [​IMG]
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    Me neither. It's just something that is NOT done here in the Netherlands. You play a game, show it to friends, family, etc. You might even pursuade others to play together, but after a couple of minutes people aren't interested anymore. It may be me, but I know maybe three other people that play games and none of them are multiplayers.

    I have a set of bongo's and all the Donkey Konga games, ready to go, but everytime I let somebody play, they do one song and then quit.

    I don't know, I suppose playing a videogame TOGETHER IN ONE ROOM just isn't very popular my country.

    Anyway, these pictures look like you have a great time indeed, but to me look strangely surreal.
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    Dec 14, 2003
    I don't have any pics but i love rock band. Friday, my friend who has the game called me and when we arrived.. the madman had bought another whole set of rock band for us to finally have an extra guitar for bass. And drum battles are incredible with 2 drums!