Your Problems are solved with Nintendo RX

Discussion in 'The Edge of the Forum' started by Enigma Hall, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Enigma Hall

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    Feb 6, 2013
    It´s a new console, Nintendo ReXpect (Nintendo RX)

    Comes with two colors. Dark Room and Red Menstruation (Black or Red seal in the box)

    Bring the emotion of Chipmunk Racer, Stone Roller, Office Emergency Room, football pass and other boring titles to you play with your family.

    But when you be alone the fun starts...
    Enter the code 666 and the Wonderfull RX true system open before your eyes.


    • Adult Browser, with all prn content updated every single second. Videos, Xgames, CallGirl-finder...
    • Rub patch, any game you play, just rub anyone of the female characters to strip tease.
    • RX Study, Nintendo RX analyzes your voice and play equations, history books, and prays to cheat your family while you play the incredible RX games closed door with your private headphone.
    • Vodka and Beer Refrigerated tanks, to give more emotion while playing with your girlfriend.
    • Master Winner function, working in background you never will lose a multiplayer game against a friend. Relax watching him being persuit by fiends, with scenary falling above, while power ups fly smyling to you.
    • RxVerse, a place with only gamers like you, with your same opinions dancing all night.
    • Ambient mode, turn your game into another atmosfere with this special mods. More blood, Gore, Hell, Hell with Xgirls, and Grandma's cake universe are some of the options.

    Open the secret hole of the football control to gain acess to the fake tongues carrousel and attach the mini ultra mini screen to set up the MSTB Pró Control (Lub Not Include). You can use it without you hands, be creative.

    The exclusive Moe A.I. Voice System, turning you life into a spring breeze.

    Some of the interactions
    " - Senpai, please, wake up. Your naught videos are ready! I´m ready!"
    " - Please master, give me a command."
    " - Can I gentle wisper a song to your hears?"


    Wait for It.
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  2. Deck of Noobs

    Deck of Noobs Politically Incorrect

    Apr 9, 2016
    United States
    uh what
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