Your favourite historical period?

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    My favorite time period was before people existed. World peace WAS a thing before ya know
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    World peace is overrated. (It's too boring lol)
    Ironically, mine is probably the bloodiest of all the times in history.
    Mine is probably the 1920s, 30s and 40s in backwater Europe and Italy. Especially the early lives of three people.

    The people are the three big dictators, Mussolini, Stalin, and Hitler. There was Mussolini, who took fascism seriously and started a massive movement throughout Europe. There was Stalin, who strained the Russian people and started arguably the most destructive political movement in history. And there was Hitler, the most famous supervillian of the world.
    As evil as they all are, they have such interesting backstories. Mussolini was once a street rebel who would preach socialism and get arrested regularly. Hitler was abused by his father and was homeless, he was a ground soldier in World War 1 and eventually became a world dictator, before his mental health deteriorated and he suicide. Stalin also has an interesting story of manipulation and tactics.
    I remember thinking about these three guys back when I was in school and trying to understand them on a psychological level. It was the only time in history class that I wasn't constantly falling asleep. It really interesting looking at what circumstances and stresses that these people went through to make them who they were.

    Even though I know everybody says WW2 was their favorite, These three people alone make it have to be mine as well.
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    I am sure all the little dinosaurs being eaten by the bigger ones would disagree.
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    Mine would be Ice Age.
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    My favorite periods in history are usually the ones where there is a transition and change in society after the addition of new technology and thinking (fusing different metals leading to steel, Europes renaissance,meiji period in japan, newtons laws, industrial revolution, Combustion engine,etc).
    My current favorite figure in history and his influence is Alexander the great as it ties in various parts of the known world and historical figures and dynasties together.
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