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Your favourite finance/economics video channels?


Editorial Team
Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
Videos about finance and economics (not necessarily the same thing) seem to be rather popular on video sites. Share your favourites.

I will start with a few.

Stoic Finance
Covers general finance news stories and daily updates on markets, slightly more UK based than most of the others here (though for the most part the US markets are the ones everybody watches and accordingly this channel does things) and does a bit more with crypto than most others here.

The Maverick of Wall Street
More of a markets show (he runs a small investment firm) but occasionally does financial news as well. Gets right into the technical weeds but enough memes and silliness whilst also being a cynical bastard that it is not super dry and boring that I can watch an hour long (well half hour as 2x speed is what I do all but music videos in these days) updates almost every day (be it before I get up or after).

Steven Van Metre, runs a firm of sorts. Usually more market analysis and individual stories at shorter videos than some of the above.

Economics Explained
More general videos on economic concepts but can go into depth on certain trends and concepts. Unlike most other here these are usually more once a month or maybe a bit more frequency where others are often multiple times a day.

The Economic Ninja.
Splits the difference between in depth market analysis and conceptual stuff. Don't watch this one as often but well worthy of a spot on this list.

Patrick Boyle
Hedge fund manager, lecturer and goes for the quantitative (watching for maths based patterns) approaches in things there. More stories and concepts than any market analysis here. Takes some very dry concepts but explains them fantastically.

Academic Agent
Possibly more of a political channel these days (and quite on the dissident right if you care for such things) but his stuff on economic (fundamentals and more advanced concepts) is great, if a bit Austrian school for the tastes of some (I have time for Austrian and Mises peeps but I do like my numbers and use thereof so the almost philosophical stuff wears a bit thin after a while).

Heresy Financial
More of a look at underlying concepts underpinning recent events which is quite an interesting twist compared to some of the stuff elsewhere.

China Update
Rising channel but does stuff covering China as the name implies, which is interesting as most others look at it from time to time and usually say "not touching that" (which I can't blame them for -- between corruption and crackdowns it is seriously seriously risky)

Michael Cowan
Covers all sorts of topics related to finance (up to the day and more abstract/long term trends), more several times a week than the daily/multiple times a day thing from others.

I Allegedly
California based entrepreneur but covers all sorts of US and California based stuff. Quite nice on the ground things here.

Wall Street Millenial
Offers more coverage of meme stocks, historical events and similar interesting twists on markets but good stuff.

Thomas Sowell
A legendary figure in economics and such. He has done any number of interviews and talks over his books, some of which are foundational in all this. A lot of it is however scattered across a thousand channels. As a start though

While not strictly a video I can't ignore the Freakonomics podcast. Freakonomics was probably my in for the weird and wonderful world of economics rather than the boring stuff it is often made out to be.

Anyway I am not an economist, not an investor in anything other than tools for myself and the closest I have ever got to economics training is project management training (for the most part how to make gantt charts, risk analysis and stock keeping/costing) many years ago in university. Finding all this sort of thing fascinating though so looking for other content.
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