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  1. JetBlckHrt

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    Jul 23, 2007
    List all the games you own, roms, on your DS or PC and your current status in them!

    Here are mine:

    Animal Crossing: Wild World
    Another Code: Two Memories-----Complete
    Bionicle Heroes
    Brain Age: Train your Brain in minutes a day!-----Not Finishable
    Castlevania: Portrate of Ruin
    Children of Mana
    Dragon Ball Z: Goku Densetsu
    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2-----Complete
    Digimon World DS
    Drawn to Life
    Electroplankton----- Not Finishable
    Final Fantasy 3-----In Progress
    Harvest Moon DS----- In Progress
    Harvest Moon Island of Happiness(JP)
    Heroes of Mana
    Jump Super Stars
    Jump Ultimate Stars
    Kirby Canvas Curse
    Kirby Squeak Squad-----Complete
    Mario Kart DS-----Complete
    Metroid Prime Hunters----- In Progress
    Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt (demo) -----Complete
    Megaman Starforce Leo
    Megaman ZX-----Complete
    Naruto Ninja Council 3-----Complete
    New Super Mario Brothers-----In Progress
    Need For Speed Underground 2
    Nintendogs: Chihuahua and Friends----- Not Finishable
    Phoenix Write: Ace Attorney----- In Progress
    Pokemon Diamond-----Complete
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team
    Pokemon Ranger-----In Progress
    Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon-----In Progress
    SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters DS
    Sonic Rush-----Complete
    Sonic Rush Adventure----- In Progress
    Spyro: A new Beginning
    Starwars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
    Tetris DS----- Not Finishable
    Tom Clancys Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Trauma Centre: Under the Knife----- In Progress
    Wario Ware Touched
    Worms Open Warfare 2----- Not Finishable
    Zoo Keeper DS----- Not Finishable

    In progress means that I am currently working on them. if they are blank, it means I probobly have played them, but am not interested in completing them untill I do the others. [​IMG]
  2. flai

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    Sep 30, 2006
    I'll post up mine when I get back to my PC upstairs but I would be grateful if you'd post the ones that are on your cart at the moment in my thread -

    Just to keep the thread alive [​IMG]
  3. rhyguy

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    Jul 21, 2007
    i have no real completeable games right now

    stuff like worms and sonic, mario kart ect.
    saving up for zelda

    Edit:Technically those games are finishable, but i beat it, then play the minigames
  4. GeekyGuy

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    Jun 21, 2007
    United States
    My collection would be too long to list. I'd estimate that I at least try about 70% of all English-languaged games that get dumped, as well as a healthy portion of Japanese titles. I also own about 30 different DS titles.

    That said, out of that 70% of games I try, I might actually play through 5% of them. Take last night, for instance. I tried three games -- Puppy Luv Spa, 7 Wonders, and Smartboys Gameroom -- out of those three, I played two for 30 seconds, and one for about 15 minutes. Now they will get erased from my card. I just like to check stuff out, out of curiosity. Some games I know I'm gonna want to mess with more, but others that I might not be familiar with I just like to see what they're about. Most times they're not keepers.
  5. JetBlckHrt

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    Jul 23, 2007
    lol, c'mon people, post your lists!
  6. Lee79

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    Jul 29, 2007
    I would list mine but i would also be too long. 477 ROM's 9.28 GB on disk.
  7. iNFiNiTY

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    Apr 18, 2004
    I think quite a few people on this forum have every release including myself. Not very difficult to do for NDS.
  8. Chotaz

    Chotaz I'm back! :D

    Sep 20, 2007
    i have about 1000 ROMs for NDS and I have only beat 5 of them

    Mario Kart DS
    Lost in blue
    lost in blue 2
    pokemon diamond
    final fantasy III
  9. pasc

    pasc GBATemps GBA Freak

    Sep 9, 2006

    Just the ones i finished or keept overall:

    Project Rub - Status - half finished
    Marvel Nemesis - Rise of the Imperfects - Status - finished once
    Eragon - Status - finished
    Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney - Status - nearly finished, last act, but no motivation to come back to reading all

    the text right now
    Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Status - finished
    Brothers in Arms DS - Status - finished, though I still play it, at least until CoD 4 comes out.
    Another Code - Status - finished
    Anno 1701 - Status - started, but soon got bored, I don't like such kind of Games
    Castlevania - Dawn of Sorrow - Status - started played some Endbosses and tried out some stuff, then got bored
    Children of Mana - Status - played it all the time with my friends, now before the last Endboss
    Chibi Robo Park Control - Status - Funny game, got my own bike already, but it is Japanese and I wait for a English

    Death Junior and the Science of Fair - Status - funny game, though the controls got me to hate it [​IMG]
    Deep Labyrinth - Status - funny at first then getting boring soon
    The Sims 2 - Status - this game was so much fun I had to play it through, I still hope for a game that looks like

    this graphically and plays like Sims bustin out (which was the funniest Sims of all time in my opinion)
    Drawn to Life - Status - Started it, but soon lost motivation
    English Training - Status - Played it some months, then I deleted it cause of some other games, sadly I didn't

    touch it since then
    Dynasty Warriors DS - Fighters Battle - Status - this is a ok game, though it gets boring really fast => card has

    soon 128 MB more space
    Fifa 2007 - Status - cool game, good music, what do you want more ? Ah ! right a Singlecard and Wifi multiplayer,

    so I guess Fifa 2008 will be my game
    Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings - Status - This game is very good, though I still wait for a English Release
    Full Alchemist - Dual Sympathy - Status - SE helped out in this game, you'll see it, it is pretty good, though I

    stopped it cause of that one Endbosse there.
    Harvest Moon DS - Status - Good Game, sadly I had to stop it cause it got TOO addicting
    Hotel Dusk Room 215 - Status - As good as Another code, but I deleted it from my card once and wasn't able to find

    back to it since then (I'm nearly finished with it)
    It's a wonderful World - Status - Wonderful game, though Japanese, like always: waiting for a English release
    Jam Sessions - Status - Good "game" funny somtimes, you can't really play it through
    Juiced 2 Hot Import nights - Status - not a bad game, always good for a round or two while waiting for DTM Race

    Kirby Canvas Course - Status - Funny but not too addicting
    Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Legend - Status - I played it pretty far, until it got too hard (cause of awkward controls

    and stuff like this, maybe they make a REAL Lara Croft Tomb Raider next time)
    Lost in Blue - Status - this first Lost in Blue was really fun, until Metroid came ^^
    Mech Assaulant Phantom War - Status - Really enjoyed this one, but at some point the Missions got two hard (2nd

    campaing I think)
    Mario Luigi - Partners in Time - Status - finished, was funny, thoughnot as funny as it's gba counterpart
    Micro Machines V4 - Status - Forget about this game it isn't worth your time
    My Sims - Status - Pretty Animal Crossing like, sadly I don't like games like this anymore, the lost their

    fastination to me
    More Brain Training - Status - ok, no more
    Need for Speed Underground 2 - Status - Funny at first then boring
    Nintendogs Lab & Friends - Status - Addicting until your dog bothers you
    Prisim the light way - Status - Addicting game, reminds me a bit of the incredible Machine (why is there no

    Incredible Machine Game on the DS ?)
    Rayman DS - Status - good game though not finished
    Rayman Raving Rabbids - Status - ok one, not finished yet
    Resident Evil - Deadly Silence - Status - Funny, but there are not enough zombies to kick in their butt sadly
    Scurge Hive - Status - okay game, but too boring for me
    Sim City DS - Status - look at Anno to see my description (though this one has something special to it)
    Simple DS Series 21 - Status - Good Shoter, finished campain one
    Sims 2 Pets - Status - has something PC like, if there would be a port of the PC Sims with these controls it would

    rock !
    Spiderman 3 - Status - good Spiderman 2D Sidescroller with touch control, though I would prefer a real 3D

    Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory - Status - This game was addicting, until I came to the third level...
    Star Wars Lethal Allicance - Status - This is a strange game, I finished it through, even thought it had awkward

    controls and bugs.
    Supersonic Warriors 2 - Status - the Best DBZ on the DS, I didn't finish it fully.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Status - Another funny Ubisoft game, didn't finish it
    Theme Park DS - Status - look at the Sim City Description
    Time Ace - Status - got someting special, I played until it got too hard

    Wario Ware Touched - Status - finished all
    Super Mario 64 DS - Status - another good 3D Plattformer, I like those on the DS, hoping for Crash and spyro to be

    Golden Eye Rough Agent - Status - finished, but still play it in Singlecardmultiplayer, great fun
    42 Club House Games - Status - Timeless always to card returning addicting game
    Bomberman - Status - always good for a quick multiplayer party
    Puyo Pop Fever - Status - Like Tetris, but better in some aspects
    Jump Ultimate Stars - Status - Yeah Jump Superstars with Wifi ! Still I would rather have a Super Smash Brothers
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Spirit Summoner - Status - Quiet good game, though I stopped it when I found out that not all my old

    cards are in the game
    Castlevania Portrai of Ruin - Status - Good.... for some time
    Megaman Starforce 1 - Status - good, but two will get ALOT better, 1-6 BN were good already, I like those [​IMG]
    Konami Acarde Collection - Status - funny, nothing more
    Advance Wars Dual Strike - Status - Somehow I liked the Gba Versions more
    Animal Crossin Wild World - Status - Man, countless hours, was one of my all time favs once, now I just dislike it
    Brain Age 1 - Status - look up to Brain Age 2
    Big Brain Academy - Status - interesting in some aspects but boring in others
    Burnout - Status - finished it
    Cooking Mama - Status - Useful Game, I want some more Cooking mama [​IMG]
    Custom Robo Arena - Status - WTF ? I lost that much time playing this through ? Yeah ? Right, this was one of the

    games I really liked (for his Online Mode and Singlecardplay especially, the last endboss was total overkill, I always

    asked myself why this game felt like MMBN ? Maybe cause of the story [​IMG] anyway it was good [​IMG] )
    Diddy Kong Racing - Status - funny , nothing more, ok, maybe the Singlecardplay and Wifi are good, but still, not

    too good
    Dragon Quest Heros Rocket Slime - Status - funny, but only for a short period of time
    Dragon Quest Monsters : Joker - Status - Good, but Japanese
    Elite Beat Agents - Status - Again a VERY addicting game, I finished it until the part where the aliens came, the

    rest was too hard
    Elite Beat Agents 2 - Status - VERY addicting, finished the earth destruction part, then it good too hard (again)
    Final Fantasy Chocobo Tales - Status - This game has something to it, it was that addicting that I had to finish

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Status - This game wast too good to not finish it, though the Puzzle Elements

    started to bother me sometimes.
    Final Fantasy III - Status - Good one, but a bit boring (I expect more from VI)
    Freedom Wings - Status - tried it out in Multiplayer once, after that never touched it again...
    Gunpey - Status - I don't really get the hand of this one
    Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix - Status - ok at first then heavy bothersome
    Heros of Mana - Status - I prefer FF:RW alot over this
    Jet Impulse - Status - the game I played at first when I got my M3 Simply , it has downloadable Jets, and it is

    fun, good game, though it has no Single card Multiplayer, still awaiting the English release
    Lego Starwars 2 - The original Trilogie - Status - too buggy, the gba part 1 was funnier and better
    Lost Magic - Status - Again, I prefer FF:RW
    Luminous Arc - Status - good, but FF:TA was WAY better
    Lunar Knights - Status - AGAIN Boktai was WAY better
    Magnetica - Status - Addicting, not more
    Mario Basket 3 on 3 - Status - good, finished it once
    Mario vs. Donkey Kong - March of the Minis - Status - Man again a game that reminds me of the incredible Machin,

    they should bring that out instead [​IMG]
    Mariokart DS - Status - Countless hours of fun not finished it though
    Meteos - Status - good puzzler from the lumines creators, let's see if the lumes clone that soon comes out can

    keep up with this.
    Metroid Pinball - Status - good Music, and Singlecardplay, best Pinball ever !
    Metroid Prime Hunters - Status - a good FPS with ONLINE, I still play it, and I wished CoD4 and C.O.R.E for the DS

    would go online too, the DS needs more DS Online FPS's / RPGS !
    Mr. Driller Drill Spirit - Status - addicting sometimes, nothing more
    Namco Museum - Status - Pac man vs. YAY [​IMG]
    Nanostray - Status - VERY GOOD, reminds me of countless PC Shoothers, I really want NS2 cause I already finished

    this, the music is REALLY good, it is from the makers of Irdion 1 and 2.
    Need for Speed Carbon - Status - good stable game, I expect more from Pro Street (maybe some more Singlecardplay

    Options and Online Multiplayer ?)
    New Supermario Brothers - Status - Addciting, though I still dindn't found the time to finish it
    Nintendo DS Web Browser - Status - one of the best DS games ever ^^ I use it very often when I'm over at a friends

    house or lying in the bed wondering what internet does.
    One Piece Gear Spirit - Status - alot like SSB but still not as good so Nintendo give us a surprise and relase a

    SSB for the DS with Online Singlecard and Multipakmultiplayer
    Over the Hedge - Status - funny game, for being a licence game atleast, I really like Vicarious Visons Grahpic

    stile, let's see what THPG has for me
    Puzzle League - Status - VERY ADDICTING Puzzle game, much multiplayer options, just great
    Picross DS - Status - good for wasting time
    Pokemon Diamond - Status - not really my cup of tea, I dislike it, the only one i ever liked was gold for the GBC

    that was fun, but the newest Pokemen Games are just a joke, not even 3D Graphics...
    Polarium - Status - good not more
    Pro Evolution Soccer - Status - good, but I wait for the 08 version
    Rafa Nadal Tennis - Status - good Multiplayer and touchcontrols, didn't finish it yet
    Ridge Racers - Status - good for Multiplayer, I like it cause it's touchcontrols
    Rune Factroy - Status - good at firs, then get's boring, atleast for me
    Snowboard Kids DS - Status - good game, but I'm stuck at a level currently
    Sonic Rush - Status - Finished, has a good Multiplayer too
    Sonic Rush Adventure - Status - Very good game ! Hasn't much repeating levels too ! Too short game though
    Specrobes - Status - ok, no more no less, didn't finish it yet
    Starfox DS - Status - Good game, finished it once and played it in WFC and Singlecard Multiplayer several times
    Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll - Status - Good and addicting, more games like this would do good. Finished it

    Tankbeat - Status - has something, but isn't much, didn't finish it yet
    Tenchu Dark - Status - if they just had done it in 3rd Person....
    Tetris DS - Status - Timeless + Online = very GOOD !
    The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass - Status - seems good to me, but I guess I wait for the English release
    The Newyorks Crossword Puzzles - Status - Time filler, nothing more
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Status - good game, though I never find anyone online
    Tony Hawks American Skateland - Status - good game, finished it once
    Tony Hawks Downhill Jam - Status - As good as THAS, but I still hope for THPG to be the best one of all
    Top Gun - Status - Quite good, nothing more
    Touch Bombermanland - Status - played it for like 2 Hours then stopped
    Touch Golf- Status - as good as PGA 08
    Transformer Decepticons - Status - was a good game, a bit like GTA, if there just where a GTA for the DS
    Transformers Autobots - Status - look at Transformers Decepticons
    Underground Pool - Status - Okay Pool game, but I still wait for a decent pool game.
    Worms Open Warfare 1 - Status - Just good for Singlecard Multplayer (though I still finished all Missinons)
    Worms Open Warfare 2 - Status - Was there ever a 1 ? Compared to this: NO ! This game is one of the best Worms I

    played beside World Party, there is only one thing I miss: more weapons

    I guess saying that I was bored explains this list [​IMG]
  10. Psyfira

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    Dec 31, 2003

    What's the point, are you even going to bother reading them? If answer no, thread = waste of space. At least the Essentials threads are useful, but as Urza pointed out elsewhere this's just pointless.
  11. madlobster

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    Oct 21, 2006
    United States
    OK, but this will be a rather long post...

    General : "%e - %n %o%m"
    Number of ROMs : 1489
    Verified 1489

    0001 - Electroplankton (JP)
    0002 - Need for Speed - Underground 2 (US)
    0003 - Yoshi Touch & Go (US)
    0004 - Feel the Magic - XY XX (US)(M2)
    0005 - WarioWare - Touched! (US)
    0006 - Polarium (US)
    0007 - Puyo Pop Fever (JP)(M2)
    0008 - Pac-Pix (US)
    0009 - Space Invaders DS (JP)
    0010 - Cool 104 Joker & Setline (JP)
    0011 - Guru Guru Nagetto (JP)
    0012 - Asphalt - Urban GT (US)
    0013 - Yoshi Touch & Go (EU)(M5)
    0014 - Pac-Pix (EU)(M5)
    0015 - Catch! Touch! Yoshi! (JP)
    0016 - Meteos (JP)
    0017 - Ridge Racer DS (US)
    0018 - WarioWare - Touched! (EU)(M5)
    0019 - Mr. Driller - Drill Spirits (US)
    0020 - Chokkan Hitofude (JP)
    0021 - Project Rub (EU)(M6)
    0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (EU)(M5)
    0023 - Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (EU)(M5)
    0024 - Robots (EU)(M5)
    0025 - Super Mario 64 DS (JP)
    0026 - Pokemon Dash (US)
    0027 - Mr. Driller - Drill Spirits (JP)
    0028 - Kirby - Canvas Curse (US)
    0029 - GoldenEye - Rogue Agent (US)
    0030 - Sprung - The Dating Game (US)
    0031 - Polarium (EU)(M5)
    0032 - Bomberman (JP)
    0033 - Kenshuui Tendo Dokuta (JP)
    0034 - Zoo Keeper (US)
    0035 - Touch! Kirby's Magic Paintbrush (JP)
    0036 - Daigasso! Band Brothers (JP)
    0037 - Super Mario 64 DS (US)
    0038 - Ping Pals (US)
    0039 - Another Code - 2tsu no Kioku (JP)
    0040 - Hanjuku Eiyuu DS - Egg Monster Hero (JP)
    0041 - Need for Speed - Underground 2 (EU)(M5)
    0042 - Nintendogs - Chihuahua & Friends (JP)
    0043 - Spider-Man 2 (US)
    0044 - Tennis no Ouji-Sama 2005 - Crystal Drive (JP)
    0045 - Urbz, The - Sims in the City (US)
    0046 - Yakuman DS (JP)
    0047 - Rayman DS (US)(M3)
    0048 - Mr. Driller - Drill Spirits (EU)
    0049 - Sprung - The Dating Game (EU)
    0050 - Zoo Keeper (EU)(M5)

    Just kidding. [​IMG] I agree with the below...
  12. Rayder

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    Er....[​IMG]...well.....I have ALL the games from game 0001 to 1400 and then any of the games I cared about after that. Once the releases hit 1450, I'll get the pak for all those too. [​IMG]

    I have like ALL the GBA games too.
    I have any homebrew that interests me.
    I have a few hundred megs of vids I converted.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Naturally, they aren't ALL on the flashcart at once, but well, you guys know how it is. [​IMG]

    As for what's actually IN my flashcart......that changes nearly everyday, so any list I'd put here would quickly be outdated.
  13. calvin_0

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    May 23, 2007
    Game Cart
    -Pokemon Pearl:- 100% complete
    -Megaman Starforce Dragon:- 100% complete

    -Ouendan 2:- Beat normal mode
    -Nodame:- 100% complete
    -Taiko no Tatsujin:- 50% complete by my self, 50% complete by my friend.
    -Phoenix Wright:- 100% complete
    -Phoenix Wright 2:- 55% complete
    -Elite Beats Agent:- Beat Sweeting Mode