You hacked devices to have a worldwide disco. What 3 songs do you pick?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
The other day we contemplated what you might do with a fancy zero day exploit that was not about earning money or breaking things. One of the options was worldwide simultaneous disco. Which is to say on your command every PC, mobile phone, car stereo and whatever else will start playing a song (or three in this case) of your choice. What three songs would you pick for this and why would you do that? Because of magic time zones don't mean anything here unless you want them to, though you do also have .
This is not desert island discs or anything, just three songs you think all the world should hear, and maybe a bit about why. Make them songs rather than a bomb threat or some kind of quick lesson on an important topic.

Reasoning and choice is up to you. Do you want to troll the world, cause monocles to drop, get the whole world's pulse going a bit, relax the world a bit (give or take panic from hacked devices), introduce the world to a local band, introduce the world to a band/artist you think should be well known, share some classiness with the world, rather than just the world do you want to introduce a given country or two to a band/song?
Similarly this is not some kind of quick summary of human culture or anything for aliens, though I guess it could be if you wanted.

Anyway I sat and thought about it but found it rather hard. The option to cause some moral busybody to stroke out from anger at a pick would be hilarious but I am not sure what I might pick there (the obvious first choice of GG Allin would be perfect but his best stuff you have to properly listen to so as to be able to hear), instead I would probably pick one that walks the line or is instead all double entendres. While I sat there contemplating any number of songs and artists (seriously -- my music library/list of songs in memory is half piss take artists) then AC-DC Big Balls would likely have to be it, and serves the added bonus that they seem to want to downplay that song from their library of late (if you go searching then 99% chance all the results will be covers of it, as will many other songs from that period of the band).
Pulse going and some class then. Something by Black Sabbath for me. The option to blow speakers with something like Children of the Grave has appeal and Paranoid would be a good pick but in the end my heart says The Wizard.
Tom Waits. Starving in the Belly of a Whale. Hardly needs explanation.

Also looking at my picks there it would be my picks for songs for my funeral, which is bad as I did that thread years ago.


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Sep 29, 2003
The title says disco:

It's long and has a beautiful message.

Keeping with the disco theme:

Again the extended version, disco has to be 12". Who doesn't love him/her.

Al last, a less known number from prince because it oozes feeling (at least I think so):

This is the song I want at my cremation by the way, so don't say anything negative.
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