Yorkshire Mum threatens to sue over Tango ad!

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    "You've been Tangoed: Mum threatens to sue over ginger-baiting advert

    Published Date: 25 September 2009
    THE mother of a ginger-haired daughter says she will sue the makers of the soft drink Tango over an advertising campaign which discriminates against red-heads.
    NHS worker Ruth Preston, from Grimsby, said the slogan 'Too much Tango will make your head turn ginger' mocks her teenage daughter, whose hair colour has led to bullying at school.

    Mrs Preston said she had seen the ads about for the last month but only took notice of them when she went to her local shop on Tuesday evening.

    She said: "We walked into my local corner shop and the first thing we saw was that advert inside the shop. It's on a card with orange hair on the back and a spring with a picture of a Tango can on it and that offensive phrase."

    Mrs Preston, who says her daughter Lauren Jones, 13, "doesn't deserve to be mocked", added: "I think is rude and revolting. Not only does it discriminate against ginger people but it makes reference to pubic hair."

    She said that if you took the words on the new larger cans, 'Tango with added Tango', the initial letters spell out a vulgar word.

    "It was at a level in the shop where kids can read it and you never know what they will say.

    "The ad is disgusting and rude and it might make kids start to pick on people with ginger hair - my daughter is proud to be ginger."

    "Tango have gone too far. I'm going to speak to my solicitor and take legal action against the company for discrimination.

    "This is insulting people because of their hair colour and it is not on."

    A Tango spokesperson said: 'We apologise for any distress caused by this advertisement ' it was not meant to cause offence, but to provide some comical, light-hearted fun in that inimitable Tango style.

    "We can confirm that this advertisement is no longer running.'

    Previous wacky Tango campaigns include the phrase "You've been Tangoed", where a man painted orange slapped people round the face. It received widespread condemnation after a craze for "Tangoing" people swept the nation's playgrounds, and there were even reports of children receiving serious injuries or even being deafened by being slapped on the ears.

    Lauren said: "It's not a very nice thing to say, everyone has got different things about them and being nasty about different hair is like being nasty about different skin colour.

    "I'm happy that my mum has said something about it because I get people saying things about my hair everyday in school and this ad could make it worse.""


    Just bleedin ridiculous to me to be honest. The UK is rapidly losing it's sense of humour and rapidly becoming more and more sue happy like the States.
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    I agree, its humour is the only thing we have.
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    I know. I mean I can understand the whole stink about comedians like Bernard Manning, but something like this? lol We've always had people like Mary Whitehouse but at least they went after sex and violence, still ridiculous but nowhere near the level of stupid that this is.

    What's next, parents of hippies suing the BBC for re-runs of The Young Ones. People from Hammersmith going after Edmonson and Mayall for slurring the area. I mean c'mon! I wonder if she complained to Comedy Central or C4 over the South Park "Ginger Kids" episode. lol
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    There are too many Jack Thompson's and such in the world that take the fun out of everything even from the most simple and innocent things which is a shame and very sad. People like that need to be locked up in prison for being stupid and a waste of time and news.
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    Tell me about it. some people need to find hobbies so they've got less time to sit there and overthink stuff with a brain that obviously wasn't made for thinking.

    Oh and for any non-UK tempers out there, this is the advert they talk about with the guy painted orange. (It's really just an excuse to post this ad because a decade later I still find it funny as fuck!)

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    Typical ginger whinger if you ask me.
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    Britain is turning into what everyone else in the world is doing SUING EVERYONE! for as much as they can get for the slightest thing!

    Its nothing to do with an offense of race/sexism etc etc at all its about the MONEY!
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    *resisting urge to destroy world*

    Anyhow I am now curious and may actually have to do a scientific test (a bit of creative date keeping/use of my time machine and they could use it in the civil case too); we all know carrots can turn people orange (food can have an effect on the external body colour) and the advert is delightfully ambiguous as to the application method, pretreatment and quantities involved. If I write my proposal up correctly I might even get to do irn bru at the same time.......
    Party at my house although you are advised to bring at least some of your own booze.

    So now to hopefully balance something in the world:
    Scene: paediatrics/newborn ward.

    Doctor: I have some good news and some bad news. What order would you like them in.
    Mother: Bad news first please.
    Doctor: Bad news is the baby is ginger, good news is the baby is dead.

    Disclaimer/qualifier (not that I care); I am a halfbreed of a ginger although it only shows if I decide to let my beard grow out beyond about 3cm (somewhat often given my terminal laziness).

    Also if it means it is now open season on acronyms, initialisms, unfortunate capitalisations and so on, on a related not forgive me for my lack of slang knowledge but since when is twat used for pubic hair? I will give general proximity but anything more is a stretch in perversion not even our dear HaThordrian could perform.