Yet Another - Which Flashcart is right for me? + Where to buy Refurbis

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    Before i begin, i realise you must get about 30 of these a week. [​IMG] So im sorry if im "just another" thread on the same topic.

    Okay guys, after i left the scene due to studys, im back and looking around to start where i left off. I dont have my NDS Phat anymore or my old M3Real. So what im looking to buy is -
    A refurbished NDS Lite.
    Flashcart (obviously) with a GBA Expansion pack or something.

    For the console, i need it to ship to the UK. As for flashcart, i had my M3Real, but never got to try out the Sakura firmware and people say that TouchPod is rubbish. I dont want to get a DSi, simply because of the endless "cat and mouse" game played by Nintendo now. So, is the M3Real still the leader of the DSLite Flashcart Pack? Or has it changed [​IMG] ?

    Im interested in using my cart for -
    NDS and GBA + classic GBC games.
    Organiser prehaps.

    All help is welcomed and please, dont flame. All im saying is it doesnt help therefore why post it?
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