Yet another fanmade PT remake has been released in the form of Unreal PT

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    inside your crappy old PC
    heres the biggest problem of copyright law it (the copyright) is not tied to the creator (as it should be) but rather to the publisher (konami) since Kojima created silent hill he should've been smart and made it his copyright but nope he signed up with a shitty greedy publisher and got his copyright opertunity snatched not only that but iirc Konami won't allow him to make new games for his own IP's or be sued (really fucked up part)
    so if any of you go into game design heres some advice
    1) go indie
    2)if approached by a publisher NEGOTIATE the contract just don't sign on (Probably the biggest mistake for game designers)
    3) if all else fails do PC only games (besides it's far superior tech anyway and is upgradable consoles have limited tech)
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    I got stuck running around the infinite hallway. I looked at the guide and it says I should see a frame on the ground and examine a hole in the wall from where it'd fallen, but I'd already ran for 15+ minutes and didn't know if I missed it or if I had to keep running or some bug happened, so I gave up. Very well done, anyway.
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    the license itself is still alive and valid tho, as you still can redownload and run it with valid license

    they did remove it from PSN servers.
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    That's completely opposite my point. New people can't pick it up, and people who already own it have to use a hacky method not native to just going to their Library and redownloading it.
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    Played this last night and in between soiling myself (not great with scary stuff) I managed to find the hole you look through. Locate the bathroom and then go round the corner from it and there should have been a photograph immediately on the wall, there is a hole there. This is the one you look through. If you go into the bathroom itself you should be able to see the hole on the wall on the inside.

    It was VERY well made and drove me mad playing it for the best part of an hour.
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    Well, Silent Hill wasn't created by Kojima, but a group of misfit Konami employees... it was just this new teaser (and game to come) that he was involved with.
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    Great effort but doesn't this game contain copyrighted materials?