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    Jul 26, 2008
    I bought a Nintendo DS Lite yesterday and have been rapidly reading up on specs and info about all the different flash cards, however, I just cannot decide which to go for. I have knocked it down to either the AceKard, the supercard or the DSTT. I know the DSTT is supposed to be a bit slower when loading rom lists but if it is fast in games then I can deal with it. I will probably not be playing GBA so not fussed about that feature too much, but I am interested in using the web browser (so I guess I need the RAM cartridge). I really want reliability and knowledge that it wont break my DSL. Lots of the reviews for the DSTT dont take into account the new firmware, has much changed and is it still changing?

    I would really appreciate your honest thoughts on these 3 cartridges since the cost difference is about 10$ or less.

    Thanks very much.
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    Nothing will break your DSL. If you want the cheap RAM thingy you can go for the DSTT but the supercard has the most features but people say the menu for it is kind of slow or not as good as the acekards but I would personally always trade that for the features of the supercard compared to the other two. Real Time Save and slow motion are really cool features to have. I would easily go for the supercard.