Yes I'm Milk, I'm bad for you. Get over it.

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    Jul 8, 2015
    i have now had three messages (two by PM and one posted on my profile) expressing shock about the fact that I am bad for you. I've also had one person who thought it would be helpful to tell me what the new testament thinks about it. Another promised some kind of "terrifying reaction". So, just to set the record straight:
    • Yes I am milk
    • No I don't care if I'm bad for you or what you think about that
    • I do acidate your blood, but if you don't I respect that. Please do me the same courtesy and show me the same respect I do for you.
    • I don't shove my calcium in your face, so please don't shove your opinions about it in mine. I really don't care and don't need to hear it.
    • I am aware that most vegans condemn molestation of cows. Reminding me of this will have absolutely no effect other than to offend me, so it's really not worth your time (unless offending me was your intention, in which case go ahead).
    • Me being bad for you has effects on you. You don't need to worry about it, honest. If you're that concerned that milk is bad for you, I don't see how you can cope with the many, many milk cartons all around you in the real world. Seriously, we're everywhere.

    There you have it. There should now be no reason for any more "Nice try PETA." messages. Feel free to send them anyway, but know that you'll just go straight on my ignore list of you do.
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    Hervey Milk? That makes snes actually.