Yawn...NDS...Releases...Next Week...Boring

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    You thought this week was bad! Its a Japanese fest for new releases next week with some boring games in Aussie land! There is the two Transformers games for Europe on the 20th but anyone with a flashcart who wanted to play them must've done already with the USA release.

    19th July
    All titles are Japanese releases...sadly.

    Archime DS Genre: draw-me-do

    An Oogiri style multiplayer only game. Someone poses a question and then 2 other people respond by drawing a picture. It could be anything from "Whats does Italy look like?" to "What would happen if I threw a crab hammer at James Blunt?". Basically its nothing that can't be done on Pico-chat.

    Mushi King Super Collection Genre: Bugswipe-me-do

    Sega bring their beetle RPG game back to the DS.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Naruto Saikyô Ninja Daikesshû 5
    Genre: Platform beat-me-do

    Hurrah yet another Naruto game! Don't get them often do we? Looks the same as the previous one, will have online and that.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sommelier DS
    Genre: Wine-me-do

    EA cash in on the none game genre with a...wine tasting game. [​IMG] I love wine, and I'll happily spend lots of cash on good wine, anyway this will come in two additions, red and white (what a fugging rip off!) and it is a guide to good and bad wine. Again I ask DON'T THE JAPANESE HAVE BOOKS, MAGAZINES & INTERNET?? WHY DO THEY NEED THESE GUIDES IN DS FORM?


    Tantei Jingûji Saburô DS Inishie no Kioku Genre: Detect-me-do

    Ooh this looks stylish! I wish these titles would come out in English. Anyway this series hark back to the Famicom days and have recently been on PS2, PSP and GBA.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Touch! Bomberman Land Star Bomber no Miracle * World Genre: Bomb-me-do

    Another Bomberman title with its normal battle, adventure and mini game modes. I've not been into the DS titles, I just wish they'd make a true sequel to the brilliant Bomberman Tournament GBA title with the original game engine.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also out are:
    Kosume Chick * Paradise
    Saitô Takashi no DS de yomu Sanshoku Ballpen Meisakujuku http://www.gamekult.com/images/J000083729/
    Zenmai Zamurai http://www.genki.co.jp/games/zenmai/

    July 19th

    Top Trumps Horror & Predators Australia Genre: Card-me-do

    Based on the card series of the Top Trumps join Mat & Bex as they play Top Trumps cards to fill the albums, take part in quizzes and unlock hidden secrets. This title has two packs Horror and a Predator pack. Can't find no screens right now.

    Top Trumps Dogs & Dinosuars
    Australia Genre: Card-me-do

    See above but with dogs and dino packs.

    Also out in Australia is Trioncube and UNO / Skip-Bo / UNO Free Fall. And out in Europe is the two Transformer games.

    So thats it sadly, nothing much to see :'( also doesn't seem to be much week after either as most of the games due have been pushed back! But there is Fullmetal Alchemist: Trading Card Game & Dynasty Warriors DS. So perhaps you might want to play those titles that you've not had the time to play while you wait for the goodness to come...or learn Japanese. As usual games may get delayed or brought forward, dates are so far correct at the time of posting this. My worse NDS release topic ever.
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    Meh, slow week.
  3. Bridgy84

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    Ahh even wine has gone the way of Pokemon. Also every week can't be exciting.
  4. Akotan

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    Mar 14, 2004

    Because is cool? Because it's wonderful to put so much information in a such little cart? High tech, baby! Yeah! [​IMG]
  5. cyklo

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    Jan 2, 2007
    That beetle thing has brought back flooding memories of my Barcode Battler, and how the barcode off a can on tomato soup turned out to be a powerup worth something like +34,000 HP when your characters started with ~2,000 HP

    In fact, I know EXACTLY where it is in the other room. I might dust it off for thirteen seconds of entertainment until I realise I'm just playing with the equivalent of a pocket calculator with violent tendencies.
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    I actually really wish there were English versions of the guide books [​IMG] I'd love to see a Frommers DS companion with my Wine companion that I could use next time I'm in Sonoma...

    Or I could just buy the guidebook and winebook. Dang! Technology is thwarted again!
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    lol, bugswipe-me-do.

    anyways that cop game looks decent.
    And Naruto is wifi, Wi-Fi games are 247 times better when its WiFi...its been proven by studies [​IMG]
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    Haha, top trumps...Awesome...used to play the military ones as a kid [​IMG]

    it would be good if they'd put more board games on the ds tho....carcassonne for example...
  9. ZzzZilla

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    Mushi~~ Awright!!

    Totally useless to me seeing I have neither the adaptor nor the cards! Wheeee~~~!

    And "Tantei Jingûji Saburô DS Inishie no Kioku" looks excellent, like a Japanese style Hotel Dusk.

    BTW: the first screenshot says "???-kun is being led into the police patrol car", the second says "I light my cigarette" and the third says "F*C*"
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    Meh slow week coming, but oh well, can't be all roses...
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    Naruto with WI-FI!!
    I hope we can co-op \ fight trough wifi and not something stupid
    like sending mails or trading...