Yakuman DS - Need Japanese speakers help!

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    Hey Guys...

    I like many other English speaking people on the board are trying to find a good mahjong game that we can at least half way understand. After playing every one of them out there... the most basic and easy to catch on to... is Yakuman DS.

    I've found 2 translation guides (one for tutorial mode, and one for the menus *kinda rough*), and with the help of those guides... I can pretty much play without a hitch.

    Those two guides can be found here:


    What I'm lookin for is a Japanese->English speaker to dig for a couple menus for me...

    The games seem to go on forever... I was taught and have been playing Taiwanese mahjong, so there are a lot of different rules, and I'm thinkin length of play as got to be one of them. Is there an option somewhere in the menu to set length of full games?

    Also, I seem to have mahjong, or be ready to riichi often and the game doesn't let me. Is there a minimum point value your hands must hold in this game? Is there a menu to lower it/turn it off?

    And lastly, if you are a Japanese mahjong player... do you have a guide you recommend that explains in more detail some of the Japanese variations in the game? I'd really appreciate the help, and I'm sure other members would too.....

    Teach me [​IMG] Teach me [​IMG]
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    thanks for the information [​IMG]