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    i made a new game, its Yahtzee, im now using a version # system for my future releases as many has asked for, this is version 1.03, here is whats new:

    Version 1.03 (02-24-2007)
    -fixed a small bug that let you play on the same item twice
    -you can now play a game again without restarting your nds
    Version 1.02 (02-23-2007)
    -changed code around a little to make clicking more responsive
    -made it so your upper bonus and yahtzee bonus are now shown.
    Version 1.01 (02-23-2007)
    -Fixed some probs with some combos being recognized
    -made it so you gotta click and release to activate an item on scoreboard
    -some other minor bugs fixed
    Version 1.0 (Inital Release) (02-23-2007)

    You can download Yahtzee and all my other games from my website