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    SO I was reading the other thread and had to ask this question. Can your set up, i.e. cIOS rev, USB loader, blah blah, really affect the server/game connection or does Treyarch/Activision just have crappy servers/service for us Wii users, or does everyone playing with the Wii version just have crappy internet connections so that makes for crappy hosts, or does the Wii itself have old out of date wifi card?

    I am running a 4.3U Wii updated from 4.2U by Modmii, playing Black Ops using Wiiflow cIOS 249 rev20b. until I updated to rev 20b, black ops would stay at the loading screen. Now all the modes work, but multiplayer has it's ups and downs, bad connections, server timeouts, connection interruptions, host losses, and plain crappy hosts. I think it's the servers that suck, nothing to to with cIOS giving u a better/worse connection.
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    Opinions are shared on the question about lag and cios related issue. What we know for sure, it's that the xbox360 and ps3 version also suffer from this lag and both system will get a patch to fix this.