Software Yaba Sanshiro, an improved, standalone Sega Saturn emulator, has been ported to the Nintendo Switch

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    Those who enjoy emulation on their Nintendo Switch now have something new to play around with, thanks to the recent port of the Sega Saturn emulator Yaba Sanshiro to the platform. Emulation of the Sega Saturn has always been tricky, and while performance can vary wildly, this open-source emulator manages to boot a good number of titles, including Sonic R, Burning Rangers, Nights into Dreams, and Die Hard: Arcade, with some in a very playable state. This emulator is a standalone version, based on Lakka, and requires specific instructions, which can be seen below. As this is still an early development project, there are a few issues, such as Joy-Con desyncing, volume being unable to be changed, and sleep mode not working correctly.

    Notes / Restrictions
    • Not all games are playable
    • In Japan passing a copied game and BIOS image to others is against copyright law
    • In Japan using a game or BIOS image copied by someone else is against copyright law
    • Nintendo Switch may be damaged by performing this procedure
    • Sleep but not wake
    • Volume cannot be changed
    • Remote Joy-con is not available
    • Sometimes Joy-con does not work
    • OS sometimes fails to start

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.