Hacking xzxero Please Help


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May 25, 2009
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i used this guide:

QUOTE said:

4.2 Method

first download the precompiled link newmod.rar by emailing [email protected]

extract the "newmod.rar" and load your SD card up with the files from the sdroot folder.

By now your sd card should look like this

Insert the SD card into the Wii.

Run bannerbomb by going to the SD Card menu and choosing yes to load boot.dol/elf
This runs the Hackmii Installer from which you should install the Homebrew Channel, DVDX, and Bootmii as IOS and boot2 if possible.
{Running a custom application with Bannerbomb is the goal here, and in this case is the Hackmii Installer is the boot.elf}

Restart your Wii, if Bootmii was installed as Boot2, then it will show up as soon as the Wii is turned on.
If Bootmii wasn't started then it must be loaded by pressing home in the HBC and clicking Launch Bootmii.
Press the power button on the wii 3 times to get to the last option, then press the reset button. [You can also navigate with a gc controller.]
Press reset to choose the first option, then follow the directions on the screen to make your NAND backup. [Bad blocks are no problem.]
Backup the Bootmii folder elsewhere and erase from the sd card. [or rename it.]
Head back to The Homebrew Channel.

1a] Run Trucha Bug Restorer
Press B to choose No IOS Reload.
Wait till it says Press 1 then press it.
Go to Downgrade IOS15.
Press A to downgrade.
Everytime it says "load IOS from SD" press A.

1b] Run Trucha Bug Restorer
Choose IOS15 and press A. (Important)
Wait till it says Press 1 then press it.
Choose IOS36 menu. In there use these settings:
Install IOS to slot (36)
Hash check (trucha) YES
ES_Identity YES
Nand Permissions YES
Then press A on install patched IOS36.
Everytime it says "load IOS from SD" press A.

1c] Run Trucha Bug Restorer
Choose IOS36 and press A.
Wait till it says Press 1 then press it.
Then Choose restore IOS15.
Press A to restore.
Everytime it says "load IOS from SD" press A.

2] Run Any Title Deleter DB
Choose IOS 36 and press A.
Go to System Titles and press A.
Select IOS 222 and press A to delete.
Select IOS 223 and press A to delete.
Select IOS 249 and press A to delete.
Select IOS 250 and press A to delete.
*If any IOS listed above is not there, do not worry about it and move along with the guide.

3] Run Custom IOS38 Installer
Choose IOS36 and press A.
Choose WAD install and press A.

4a] Run cIOS 222/223 installer v4
Choose IOS 249 for installation.
Install Custom IOS 202 and select IOS38 merged with IOS60.

4b] Run cIOS 222/223 installer v4
Choose IOS 249 for installation.
Install Custom IOS 222 and select IOS38.

4c] Run cIOS 222/223 installer v4
Choose IOS 249 for installation.
Install Custom IOS 223 and select IOS38 merged with IOS37.

5] Run Wad Manager
When it opens choose use IOS249. (it is probably already set to that)
Press A to leave NAND emulator disabled
Press A to open from SD slot.
Install IOS70-64-v6687 [Patched][FreeTheBug].wad and exit.

6] [optional] Run MIOSpatcher to play backup gamecube games.
Press right once on a gamecube controller to change the mios to v8.
Press X to allow Wii backup launcher loading.
Press A to install.

7] [optional] Run Preloader to enable system menu hacks.
Run Preloader .30 to install preloader onto your system
*If the latest version of preloader is not included [revision 3 included in the email], you get it from the phpgeek's thread
Enable desired hacks and go into the settings and make sure the system menu is set to load with IOS70
*The hacks.ini file is located at the apps\preloaderv0.30r3-phpgeek folder

i have a 3 virgin wiis 3.1U , 4.1U , 3.4U

i officially updated them to 4.2U ,4.2U ,4.2U

serials were lu33 lu36 lu40

1 (mine) has a bootmii as boot2
other 2 have bootmii as IOS

all nands are backed up

we all have cios 38 rev 14

i modded all wiis how it was
supposed to be hacked

after soft modding 3 wiis all of them i use through a backup launcher and in the binging of the game it freeze and i have to hold power button...

is it my backup launcher? r7.wad , r3.wad, r4.wad

or i need ioses or something??

if im missing ioses can i know where to get them from?


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Mar 14, 2009
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sounds like your game is the problem, if you followed this guide exactly you should not have a problem...use Neogamma R7, I have an autoforce channel if you search on this forum you should find it, its a good channel, shows "loading" instead of the neogamma loading stuff and well designed.


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Oct 17, 2008
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You are amazing, i just have to say that. You put lots of infos in your post, that's really good, and i would like it if everybody would do the same. But why don't you put the important infos there? Game, cIOS, loader, disc or usb?


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Apr 24, 2009
wiihacker3000 said:
my old 1 no 1 replied real answers only spamming...

there was no spam in that thread actually, only people asking you for more information, as you provided practically zero. exactly the same as this thread, hell, you didnt even answer my question.

nobody is going to help you if you wont give us any damn information.

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