XPRemap v1.0 released

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    http://xpowerplay.blogspot.com/ (and it should be up on xbins as well). Thanks to xbins for the news.

    Another day provides another reason why having a JTAG hacked 360 system is awesome. The NFO goes into detail but long story short those with freeboot 0.32* and the dashlaunch plugin (you might have seen it the other week when the system link ping patch was released) can remap buttons to different parts of the controller for games that do not allow extensive customisation and fiddle with the deadzone (the amount you have to move the controller to get a response- much like most consumer devices play it safe was the working motto). What is changed is up to you but uniformity among FPS titles, certain XBLA games, games like skate with somewhat fiddly controls when trying to press several things at one, several high speed XBLA titles, those who play one handed and those who like the lefthanded or "legacy" controller stick setup are among the possibilities.

    *if you are still on XBR and can not get the donor stuff working (or you use a zephyr) grab a copy of nandtool 0.95, enter your CPU key and use the extract button on the main screen with all options bar raw flash selected, in the freeboot folder it makes in the folder you extracted to should be all the required files to make a freeboot image).

    Naturally it is JTAG only and those without such a system are stuck with modifying electronics to achieve similar results.

    XPRemap 1.0
    by the2000 (and [cOz] for the deadzone)
    XPowerRemap (or XPRemap) is a DLL plugin that allows user to configure and remap
    input buttons. In addition to remapping the buttons, the user can also adjust
    the deadzone thresholds of the analog switches.
    This work is presented as is. I, the2000, do not guarantee anything will work
    smoothly and flawlessly. Using this work means you agree that anything can and
    will happen that is not in everyone's favor. You agree to not blame anyone if
    such situation arises. You will also take FULL AND COMPLETE responsibility for
    your usage of this work. I, nor any other person who worked with me on this,
    will not offer any support unless we deem it necessary.
    -FreeBOOT 0.032 by Ikari
    -DashLaunch 1.0 by [cOz]/XeDev (make sure to install launch.xex to your flash).
    -The original work of this tool came from [cOz], so be sure to thank him as much
    as you would thank me.
    -To use the plugin, extract the zip package and put the contents of
    "put_contents_to_usb_root" to the root of your USB drive. The root of the USB
    drive must contain the launch.ini file + plugins directory, and not the
    "put_contents_to_usb_root" folder.
    -Modify the [QuickLaunchButtons] section of launch.ini if necessary. You can
    modify the [plugins] section but make sure to follow the notes below regarding
    -Modify the /plugins/xpremap/xpremap.ini file to suit your needs. It important
    to follow the instructions/notes/comments added in the .ini file or the plugin
    will not work properly.
    -It is important the paths are modified or changed accordingly. The package is
    already organized so that the XPRemap plugin is in /plugins/xpremap/ directory
    of the loading device. The xpremap.ini found in /plugins/xpremap/ should not be
    moved or the configuration will not be loaded by the DLL. The xpremap.xex, on
    the other hand, can be moved else where (so long as launch.xex can find it). But
    I suggest and strongly recommend to just use the default placements.
    -If the plugin does not work, remove all USB mass storage devices from the
    console and use only the one where the XPRemap plugin is located.
    -This plugin uses the base address of 0x91F30000. Make sure you have no plugins
    or applications using that address or the DLL will not work properly. As an
    early friendly warning, future dash/kernel updates may, and will, render this
    plugin unusable.
    -This plugin modifies the input on a general level. In other words, all
    applications (including the dashboard) will have their buttons remapped.
    -It is NOT POSSIBLE to install/put the plugin in HDD, MMU, Flash, DVD drive, or
    USB FATX (XTAF) format devices (yet).
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    So basically I can make the A button work as RT? if so, this is awesome
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    Correct mocalacace, I went away for the weekend so have yet to try it out but I know several people who can not wait for this one and indeed having played a few arcade games lately I can see why.