1. Dodain47

    OP Dodain47 GBAtemp Psycho!

    Jan 1, 2017

    This is a Star Wars themed mod for classic Doom.
    -New player class: Mara Jade, another popular hero from Star Wars Legends functions just like Kyle Katarn
    -Weapon recoil no longer offsets the players aim
    -Weapons now stay visible while using force powers
    -Trooper class can now dual-weild pistols
    -Bryar pistol's primary fire has been re-coded to trigger shoot-able decoration switches (such as the demon eyes in SIGIL), but their shots can't be deflected
    -Saber throw no longer does extra damage on dark jedi and extra damage from battle-stim has been reduced
    -Saber throw projectile now properly returns to the player
    -Interrogation droids can now also perform the lost soul attack
    -Imperial engineer sprite is now holding Ion blaster
    -New DLT-19 wielding trandoshan (spawns with WolfSS)
    -Rodian sniper and concussion commando and trandoshan now have sprites for their attacking rotations
    -New sprites for Ion gun, Heavy pistol and Bowcaster by Willkuer
    -New ally: Wookie Warrior, sprite made by myself with Trandoshan as base using parts of the Chewie sprite from Super Star Wars for SNES.
    Armed with their trademark bowcaster. Can be summoned with the Hyperspace Transponder
    -New Enemy: Wookie Madclaw Bounty Hunter, similar to the warrior but they're evil, spawns with Revenants
    -New Enemy: Imperial Commando with repeater gun
    -New boss-tier enemy : Imperial Infantry Fighting Tank (or IFT-T), featured in Battlefront '05
    -New ending screens for Doom 1
    -Lambda shuttle has been removed indefinitely from spawning due to glitchy-ness, it still exists in the mod however
    -Chainsaw replacement now spawns both lightsaber and shock glove, pickup still functions the same
    -TIE Fighters now spawn with cyberdemons instead of spidermasterminds
    -Updates to prop and texture add-ons
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  2. EPgrouch

    EPgrouch Advanced Member

    Aug 16, 2017
    United States
    that looks really cool.
  3. TheCasualties

    TheCasualties Just trying to be helpful

    May 11, 2020
    Oooh might need to try this with the OpenVR GzDoom. Of course the weapons will be flat sprites.. but it's worth a shot.

    If it's really hard to aim or doesn't work right I'll just play it on a flat screen.

    Thanks for letting us know!
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