Xenoblade DISC backup successfully working.

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    I'm more of a leeching forum viewer but since I got a lot of help from here and numerous other pages I decided to post my story on how to get DVD9 backup of Xenoblade up and running.
    Basically you can load the game with a hardmod Wii / Softmod (Neogamma/USB Configurable), but there are few things you need to do before burning the game on a quality DVD9.
    Proceed with your _own_ risk!

    1) Update your WII to 4.3 since the disc will ask you to update your System. If you have a clean WII it's a simple task, but if you are playing around with homebrew you'll need to update it the "hard way". You can always brick block the dl image but since there aren't any up-to-date tools for Dual Layer image brick blocking I suggest updating your WII.

    All the credits for softmodding go to Mauifrog.

    2) You will also need to use custom IOS to enable the loading of dual-layer disks if you are not running a solid hardmod.
    Credits davebaol and Red_Ghost for the posts.
    56 -> 248 and 57 -> 247 while running with 236.

    3) Now you can get your USB launcher http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=147638#3 (Thanks to Oggzee) or Neogamma http://gbatemp.net/t219243-neogamma-r9-beta-test (Thanks to WiiPower).

    4) After this it's time to actually burn the backup itself. The important matters are to use DVD+R DL disc (DVD-R DL won't work) and to MANUALLY SET THE LAYER BREAK. WII DISCS HAVE THEIR OWN LAYER BREAK AND THE OPTIMAL WON'T WORK. You will still see the game launch icon (if hardmodded) or "Reading Disc..." if softmodded, but the game won't run. The layer break, courtesy to modrobert of EurAsia, is 2084960. So basically if you are using IMGBurn it functions as such (thanks to modmasters):


    I made 3 copies of the game.
    First on a DVD-R DL disc (optimal LB) and the game got stuck on Reading Disc.. (the game did show in DISC channel though).
    2nd on a DVD+R DL disc (optimal LB) ad the game got stuck on Reading Disc.. (the game did show in DISC channel though).
    3rd on a DVD+R DL disc (LB=2084960) and the game works perfectly!

    Note that everything compiled on this thread posts and software created and presented by others.
    Show gratitude towards them and only take this as a listing of ways to get your Backups working!

    Joystiq released a very informative and awesome guide to Xenoblade backups aswell,
    http://www.joystiq.com/2011/08/19/how-to-p...ive-in-america/ all thanks to them :J
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    Even though this is a compiled topic, it really saved me! I never would guess that my problem was with the layer break instead of the lens or the chip, so thanks xD
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    Is the update to 4.3 really necessary!
    Why not just update your IOS's via ModMii for instance!
    Much safer imho
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    The update isn't necessary or recommended. You only need to install 24#[56] d2x v9 beta 47 (the # is 8 if you used mauifrog's guide, or 9 if you used ModMii). You won't be asked to update anyway, since it's a burned disc. Even if you were, Priiloader skips update checks so it's pointless.

    I suggest you remove everything besides step 4, since it's just going to make things harder for people.
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    *wonders if this works for all dual layer games*
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    I agree with Joostin, step 4 is the march-mellow everything else is crap/unnecessary, updating the SM can lead to disasters if problem happens with inadequate brick protection.