Xenoblade 2, How far am I from the end ?

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    Nov 2, 2015

    I would like to know how far am i to the end of the game ?
    If i trust the number of Island available on the map, i'm probably on the last one (Kingdom of T****l). I have not yet explored the lower place of the map.

    An issue is that my save might be corrupted and unsable (because i deleted a DLC i'm supposed to never be able to get back :/)
    I might start a new game and rush 'til that place if the end of the game is not too far.

    Edit :
    Oups wrong place
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    As far i Remember ( already passed almost a year wow), you're in chapter 6. There's still a fair amount or Story related contents. So you've passed the halfway or the game but not still the 3/4

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