XCXGecko: Xenoblade Chronicles X trainer GUI using pyGecko

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  1. YuSuitGuy

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    Feb 28, 2017
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    I just can't seem to get it to work, and I'm not exactly sure why...
    I'm using the Disk version 1.0.1E and Wii u version 5.5.1 E


    HaxServer says this so I boot into XCX, but it always says that it cant connect in XCXGecko,
    I tried loading XCXGecko while Im in the Title Screen of XCX and while Im in the Game, but nothing seems to work...
    help :(
  2. bluejeans90210

    bluejeans90210 Newbie

    Mar 2, 2017
    How do I level Celica up from 50 to 60? It seems like one of the values raises their amount remaining to next level, but I'm confused about the other setting, and how much it should be raised by.
  3. Arc_Ray

    Arc_Ray Member

    Jul 28, 2016
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    is there a way to get any armor in the game into you inventory with this? otherwise that seems like a massive missed opportunity.
  4. Xen0

    Xen0 GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 8, 2015
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    Did anyone made a code to raise harmony?
  5. Hex7CD

    Hex7CD Newbie

    Apr 16, 2017
    Gambia, The
    Hello, everyone.
    I made a simple "All Collectibles x99" code for you to use.
    Just paste it into the Custom Code tab and POKE it.
    Weirdly enough, almost all my collectibles appeared as Starlight Apples, but they still have the correct values in memory (you can test that by selling all of that item). Maybe the game doesn't like it when you hack an item into an empty slot, I dunno...

    1C3BDB0C 000B6318
    1C3BDB18 00136318
    1C3BDB24 001B6318
    1C3BDB30 00236318
    1C3BDB3C 002B6318
    1C3BDB48 00336318
    1C3BDB54 003B6318
    1C3BDB60 00436318
    1C3BDB6C 004B6318
    1C3BDB78 00536318
    1C3BDB84 005B6318
    1C3BDB90 00636318
    1C3BDB9C 006B6318
    1C3BDBA8 00736318
    1C3BDBB4 007B6318
    1C3BDBC0 00836318
    1C3BDBCC 008B6318
    1C3BDBD8 00936318
    1C3BDBE4 009B6318
    1C3BDBF0 00A36318
    1C3BDBFC 00AB6318
    1C3BDC08 00B36318
    1C3BDC14 00BB6318
    1C3BDC20 00C36318
    1C3BDC2C 00CB6318
    1C3BDC38 00D36318
    1C3BDC44 00DB6318
    1C3BDC50 00E36318
    1C3BDC5C 00EB6318
    1C3BDC68 00F36318
    1C3BDC74 00FB6318
    1C3BDC80 01036318
    1C3BDC8C 010B6318
    1C3BDC98 01136318
    1C3BDCA4 011B6318
    1C3BDCB0 01236318
    1C3BDCBC 012B6318
    1C3BDCC8 01336318
    1C3BDCD4 013B6318
    1C3BDCE0 01436318
    1C3BDCEC 014B6318
    1C3BDCF8 01536318
    1C3BDD04 015B6318
    1C3BDD10 01636318
    1C3BDD1C 016B6318
    1C3BDD28 01736318
    1C3BDD34 017B6318
    1C3BDD40 01836318
    1C3BDD4C 018B6318
    1C3BDD58 01936318
    1C3BDD64 019B6318
    1C3BDD70 01A36318
    1C3BDD7C 01AB6318
    1C3BDD88 01B36318
    1C3BDD94 01BB6318
    1C3BDDA0 01C36318
    1C3BDDAC 01CB6318
    1C3BDDB8 01D36318
    1C3BDDC4 01DB6318
    1C3BDDD0 01E36318
    1C3BDDDC 01EB6318
    1C3BDDE8 01F36318
    1C3BDDF4 01FB6318
    1C3BDE00 02036318
    1C3BDE0C 020B6318
    1C3BDE18 02136318
    1C3BDE24 021B6318
    1C3BDE30 02236318
    1C3BDE3C 022B6318
    1C3BDE48 02336318
    1C3BDE54 023B6318
    1C3BDE60 02436318
    1C3BDE6C 024B6318
    1C3BDE78 02536318
    1C3BDE84 025B6318
    1C3BDE90 02636318
    1C3BDE9C 026B6318
    1C3BDEA8 02736318
    1C3BDEB4 027B6318
    1C3BDEC0 02836318
    1C3BDECC 028B6318
    1C3BDED8 02936318
    1C3BDEE4 029B6318
    1C3BDEF0 02A36318
    1C3BDEFC 02AB6318
    1C3BDF08 02B36318
    1C3BDF14 02BB6318
    1C3BDF20 02C36318
    1C3BDF2C 02CB6318
    1C3BDF38 02D36318
    1C3BDF44 02DB6318
    1C3BDF50 02E36318
    1C3BDF5C 02EB6318
    1C3BDF68 02F36318
    1C3BDF74 02FB6318
    1C3BDF80 03036318
    1C3BDF8C 030B6318
    1C3BDF98 03136318
    1C3BDFA4 031B6318
    1C3BDFB0 03236318
    1C3BDFBC 032B6318
    1C3BDFC8 03336318
    1C3BDFD4 033B6318
    1C3BDFE0 03436318
    1C3BDFEC 034B6318
    1C3BDFF8 03536318
    1C3BE004 035B6318
    1C3BE010 03636318
    1C3BE01C 036B6318
    1C3BE028 03736318
    1C3BE034 037B6318
    1C3BE040 03836318
    1C3BE04C 038B6318
    1C3BE058 03936318
    1C3BE064 039B6318
    1C3BE070 03A36318
    1C3BE07C 03AB6318
    1C3BE088 03B36318
    1C3BE094 03BB6318
    1C3BE0A0 03C36318
    1C3BE0AC 03CB6318
    1C3BE0B8 03D36318
    1C3BE0C4 03DB6318
    1C3BE0D0 03E36318
    1C3BE0DC 03EB6318
    1C3BE0E8 03F36318
    1C3BE0F4 03FB6318
    1C3BE100 04036318
    1C3BE10C 040B6318
    1C3BE118 04136318
    1C3BE124 041B6318
    1C3BE130 04236318
    1C3BE13C 042B6318
    1C3BE148 04336318
    1C3BE154 043B6318
    1C3BE160 04436318
    1C3BE16C 044B6318
    1C3BE178 04536318
    1C3BE184 045B6318
    1C3BE190 04636318
    1C3BE19C 046B6318
    1C3BE1A8 04736318
    1C3BE1B4 047B6318
    1C3BE1C0 04836318
    1C3BE1CC 048B6318
    1C3BE1D8 04936318
    1C3BE1E4 049B6318
    1C3BE1F0 04A36318
    1C3BE1FC 04AB6318
    1C3BE208 04B36318
    1C3BE214 04BB6318
    1C3BE220 04C36318
    1C3BE22C 04CB6318
    1C3BE238 04D36318
    1C3BE244 04DB6318
    1C3BE250 04E36318
    1C3BE25C 04EB6318
    1C3BE268 04F36318
    1C3BE274 04FB6318
    1C3BE280 05036318
    1C3BE28C 050B6318
    1C3BE298 05136318
    1C3BE2A4 051B6318
    1C3BE2B0 05236318
    1C3BE2BC 052B6318
    1C3BE2C8 05336318
    1C3BE2D4 053B6318
    1C3BE2E0 05436318
    1C3BE2EC 054B6318
    1C3BE2F8 05536318
    1C3BE304 055B6318
    1C3BE310 05636318
    1C3BE31C 056B6318
    1C3BE328 05736318
    1C3BE334 057B6318
    1C3BE340 05836318
    1C3BE34C 058B6318
    1C3BE358 05936318
    1C3BE364 059B6318
    1C3BE370 05A36318
    1C3BE37C 05AB6318
    1C3BE388 05B36318
    1C3BE394 05BB6318
    1C3BE3A0 05C36318
    1C3BE3AC 05CB6318
    1C3BE3B8 05D36318
    1C3BE3C4 05DB6318
    1C3BE3D0 05E36318
    1C3BE3DC 05EB6318
    1C3BE3E8 05F36318
    1C3BE3F4 05FB6318
    1C3BE400 06036318
    1C3BE40C 060B6318
    1C3BE418 06136318
    1C3BE424 061B6318
    1C3BE430 06236318
    1C3BE43C 062B6318
    1C3BE448 06336318
    1C3BE454 063B6318
    1C3BE460 06436318
    1C3BE46C 064B6318
    1C3BE478 06536318
    1C3BE484 065B6318
    1C3BE490 06636318
    1C3BE49C 066B6318
    1C3BE4A8 06736318
    1C3BE4B4 067B6318
    1C3BE4C0 06836318
    1C3BE4CC 068B6318
    1C3BE4D8 06936318
    1C3BE4E4 069B6318
    1C3BE4F0 06A36318
    1C3BE4FC 06AB6318
    1C3BE508 06B36318
    1C3BE514 06BB6318
    1C3BE520 06C36318
    1C3BE52C 06CB6318
    1C3BE538 06D36318
    1C3BE544 06DB6318
    1C3BE550 06E36318
    1C3BE55C 06EB6318
    1C3BE568 06F36318
    1C3BE574 06FB6318
    1C3BE580 07036318
    1C3BE58C 070B6318
    1C3BE598 07136318
    1C3BE5A4 071B6318
    1C3BE5B0 07236318
    1C3BE5BC 072B6318
    1C3BE5C8 07336318
    1C3BE5D4 073B6318
    1C3BE5E0 07436318
    1C3BE5EC 074B6318
    1C3BE5F8 07536318
    1C3BE604 075B6318
    1C3BE610 07636318
    1C3BE61C 076B6318
    1C3BE628 07736318
    1C3BE634 077B6318
    1C3BE640 07836318
    1C3BE64C 078B6318
    1C3BE658 07936318
    1C3BE664 079B6318
    1C3BE670 07A36318
    1C3BE67C 07AB6318
    1C3BE688 07B36318
    1C3BE694 07BB6318
    1C3BE6A0 07C36318
    1C3BE6AC 07CB6318
    1C3BE6B8 07D36318
    1C3BE6C4 07DB6318
    1C3BE6D0 07E36318
    1C3BE6DC 07EB6318
    1C3BE6E8 07F36318
    1C3BE6F4 07FB6318
    1C3BE700 08036318
    1C3BE70C 080B6318
    1C3BE718 08136318
    1C3BE724 081B6318
    1C3BE730 08236318
    1C3BE73C 082B6318
    1C3BE748 08336318
    1C3BE754 083B6318
    1C3BE760 08436318
    1C3BE76C 084B6318
    1C3BE778 08536318
    1C3BE784 085B6318
    1C3BE790 08636318
    1C3BE79C 086B6318
    1C3BE7A8 08736318
    1C3BE7B4 087B6318
    1C3BE7C0 08836318
    1C3BE7CC 088B6318
    1C3BE7D8 08936318
    1C3BE7E4 089B6318
    1C3BE7F0 08A36318
    1C3BE7FC 08AB6318
    1C3BE808 08B36318
    1C3BE814 08BB6318
    1C3BE820 08C36318
    1C3BE82C 08CB6318
    1C3BE838 08D36318
    1C3BE844 08DB6318
    1C3BE850 08E36318
    1C3BE85C 08EB6318
    1C3BE868 08F36318
    1C3BE874 08FB6318
    1C3BE880 09036318
    1C3BE88C 090B6318
    1C3BE898 09136318
    1C3BE8A4 091B6318
    1C3BE8B0 09236318
    1C3BE8BC 092B6318
    1C3BE8C8 09336318
    1C3BE8D4 093B6318
    1C3BE8E0 09436318
    1C3BE8EC 094B6318
    1C3BE8F8 09536318
    1C3BE904 095B6318
    1C3BE910 09636318
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  6. Caith

    Caith Member

    Apr 1, 2016
    Hello i can't use by this mode, i use a wupinstaller installed game and finally today this trainer functions for me:

    execute the CFW, enter at this site http://wj44.ml/

    1º WiiU Kernel Exploit (Exploits the kernel and modifies syscalls), again enter to http://wj44.ml/.
    2º Kernel Examples(PyGecko, Loadiine, Homebrew Launcher, ...) ---> PyGecko (Allows Cheating.)
    3º Boot into XCX from home menu.
    4º Load XCXGecko once loaded into the game and enter your Wii U's IP address, should get a greentext 'connected to wiiu' message

    Sorry for the poor english :)
  7. Erxkum

    Erxkum Member

    Apr 15, 2017
    I have the digital game from the eshop, do I need to use loadiine?

    Edit: Nvm, I see I can use TCPgecko :P
  8. nitroemboar

    nitroemboar Newbie

    Apr 24, 2017
    United States
    There is a lot of information on this thread and I have been looking through every single post on here, I've tried almost everything, and I cannot get xcxgecko to work! The error I get is timed out while connecting to wii u on xxx.xxx.x.xx

    I have a 5.5.1U system, 1.0.2U game, downloaded version. Can someone please tell me what I should try?

    Edit: Wow I'm stupid... my wii u and computer weren't on the same wifi network
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  9. Tere Valentin

    Tere Valentin Advanced Member

    Nov 21, 2015
    United States
    Amazing trainer! Works great!
    I do have a question, even tho it looks like the trainer will not be updated or have new features.

    Will a feature be added that lets you manually raise the Attack of weapons and the Defense of armor pieces?
    I ask because sadly, some of my favorite armors sets and weapons are weaker than my current set. It's quite a bummer because they look so cool.
  10. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Newbie

    Sep 5, 2016
    What's the value for the max breasts size? Setting it to a number too high makes them smaller
  11. Skeet1983

    Skeet1983 GBAtemp Addict

    Apr 22, 2012
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    Somewhere, out there...
    What all do I need to run from both PC and Wii U side if I have Haxchi installed? Do I still need to run Kernel exploit first? Help appreciated :)
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  12. blums

    blums Newbie

    Jun 11, 2017
    Is there anyway to re-obtain deleted/missing ground gear? I had the distinguished uniform on my Cross and I switched out her model with Celica's using Gecko.net and now it's gone. (Whatever Celica was wearing overwrote the distinguished uniform). Or is there a list of ground gear codes you could poke in-game?
  13. Sabishinbo

    Sabishinbo GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 27, 2015
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    Which version of tcpgecko is this supposed to be loaded with?
  14. IngeniousDefault

    IngeniousDefault GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 16, 2009
    Out of curiousity. Wouldn't it be possible to do all this with an extracted savefile from Savemii and injecting the modified savefile afterwards? That seems to be an easier method.
  15. amdriggard

    amdriggard Newbie

    Aug 13, 2017
    Thank you very much for the work done on this trainer, but would you have the full code for the materials / collectible / precious resources / data probes / important items like a share Hex7cd (thanks again for your custom codes), thank you all.
  16. Deniii

    Deniii Member

    Aug 6, 2009
    United States
    Add a moon jump code, please.
  17. Soltheron

    Soltheron Newbie

    Sep 2, 2017
    Hey guys. Love this trainer, but I think it may have screwed with my weather somehow?

    I've spent the last couple of hours trying to change the weather away from "clear" including going between regions, fast traveling all over, changing in-game time...while reloading the whole game sometimes in between attempts.

    I noticed this when trying to change the weather in Cauldros to EM storm (between 5-7). My weather seems utterly stuck forever now.

    I'm writing this here in the hopes that someone knows a code to change the weather or some such.

    Edit: It figures that I figure out a fix to it moments after making this post. For anyone else having the same problem I did: Go fight the sphinx in time attack. It changed the weather for me and fixed it.
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  18. tivu100

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    Jun 6, 2015
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    Second this. Anyone can help? :tpi:
  19. Something whatever

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    Sep 1, 2015
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    9.0 is the max
  20. IngeniousDefault

    IngeniousDefault GBAtemp Regular

    Mar 16, 2009
    I launched TCPGecko with the Homebrew Launcher and Haxchi. After that I started XCXGecko and the tool stated that my Wii U is connected. However if I change a value nothing happens.
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