XCI + ReiNX +ZeroTwoXCI XCI = Spinning Icon on homescreen

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    Hi im using ZeroTwoXCI. (It detects my keys ok)
    I've tried to install on NAND an SD
    My main problem is that MOST .XCI installs freeze at the final "finished tranferring (might want to spell check that :) )" and the only way out is to power off the switch. I dont get a message to press b to finish. After a reboot I have no new square on my homescreen or a square with a spinning circle. I've had about 10 XCI games install ok

    Not sure on how to fix this without converting to .NSW.
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    Exactly the same issue I had with 1 game Wolfenstein II which I posted about in the official thread.
    You have to go to switch data settings and the game will show up and you can delete it from there.
    It probably will say the games are 0.1mb like it did for me so the program is still buggy but I'm sure they will fix it eventually.
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