Xbox1 Homebrew on Jtag?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Gagarin, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Ok. Is there any chance to play xbox1 homebrew on JTAG X360?
    I downloaded Cave Story but don't know how to run it. its xbe extansion.

    I noticed that there are some scene demos on my favorite website, but how to run it?

    Anybody beside me interested in running cave story?
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    You can, do not expect much of anything though (it is common knowledge the 360 BC emulation had to be tweaked on a per game basis).

    Anyhow install dashlaunch (it has a few choice things towards running the emulator)

    Then get a copy of the hacked xbox emulator- it was done ages ago so timestamps might be older than that ( Xb1 Hacked Emulator 5829 being a half decent search term). Replace the emulator on your 360 hard drive with it (indeed if you formatted it on 360 it probably lacks one)- partition 2 is where it sits.

    There is support for GOD installs of original xbox isos (not sure where it sits right now).

    Again though I would not expect much.

    Demos- one that old is probably an xbox linux/shader hack type affair. It is certainly way before JTAG so your traditional methods might not work. I would look to xell to try and launch it although even then I am not sure.