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    I bought a Verizon Mifi 4510L a few months ago and there is currently only 3G in my area. I have a reg. 360 and a slim, now on the reg. 360 I can easily open the NAT using my laptop as a wireless bridge. As for my slim which can connect directly due to the built in wifi has a strict NAT and I can find no way to open it. I am experienced with portforwarding but these mifis work a bit different, they have no way of creating a custom application on the admin control panel. Another issue I have with his Mifi is the speed, I know 3G isn't recommended for Xbox but I can play very well of certain times of the day but at night its almost hopeless. However, if anyone knows a way to speed up the connection on the mifis it will help a lot. So, please if anyone knows how to help me with either or both of these problems it will be greatly appreciated.