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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Gumble, Mar 28, 2008.

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    Nov 23, 2005
    While this may be just an angry rant, I would appreciate opinions from others.

    While I'm mainly a Wii user, I very much enjoy my Halo 3'ing and the 360's hardy multimedia aspects that the Wii just does not have, yet or never.

    Story goes my friend buys an Xbox 360, I like it, I buy one. We barely enjoy two months of NAT problems playing Halo 3. Finally get that fixed, his Xbox RROD's (on christmas day to be exact). During the period of his Xbox being AFK mine starts scratching disc's, I call Xbox support they say its not harming any valuble parts on the discs. Being that I only really own Halo 3 for it, once that disc is ruined, my 360 is a just a $$$ Tivo sans a hard drive. A month ago my Halo 3 disc is scratched to hell and won't play. Microsoft says send it in. They told me it would be about 5 days after they received it that I would get a returned working copy. They got mine on February 26. My buddy finally gets his Xbox back yesterday... hurrah, yet I have no Halo, whatever should be soon right.. I recieve a knock from Purolator this morning, recieved someone else's 20 gig hard drive in replacement for my broken Halo 3...

    I called support immediately after being puzzled by the hard drive. They have no idea what's going on, nobody at support would talk to me about my game or why I have a 20 gig hard drive. They told me to wait a week to see if someone from the "Xbox live support team with more knowledge of my situation" than present obviously, would call me. If they don't I'm supposed to call them again and a recite some stupid reference number to refresh the lovely communications staff's memory (customer data base).

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    Sell hard drive, buy Halo 3
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    There is plenty of resources online that could have told you to half expect RRoD. As far as scratching discs.....if you want it fixed, you need to get some firm, self adhesive foam pads....destroy warrenty by disassembling unit...take top of DVD Drive off and place the pads like so......DVD Scratch Fix!!!! This is the best info on the disc scratching.

    Tell your friend that if he bought it new and it's not a yr old.......bitch at "Micro-flacid" till it's has a warrenty.
    They wont admit fault on DVD Drive due to it could be users fault (tipping of unit while on)....but RRoD is their fault....that's hardware overheating due to crap processors.
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    Either take Linkiboys advice or ring them back and demand to talk to a supervisor.

    I hope you didn't move your 360 whilst it was on, hence that is why your disc is scratched.

    In the future take any scratched discs to your local video store and get them to grind it back a layer for your for a few dollars, better than being without your game for weeks.