xbox originals on 360

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    i had a hard time finding this in google, and from what ive read i think its possible but not 100% sure.

    can one take a original xbox game that is on the compatibility list for the 360, make a back up of it, and run it on a flashed 360?
    if so what would one need to make such a back up (dvd types, special programs for dumping, etc)
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    I always tell people it is probably easier to buy an xbox and mod that as it will save on aggro (and money- those DL discs do not come cheap and are often not far of what a second hand original goes for).

    Still it is possible, modern firmwares require a DL disc (much older firmwares could use single layer) and naturally only a single game per disc (the original xbox can put a bunch of games on a single disc) and those games had better be 1:1 copies (no hacks, translations or otherwise).
    Rough guide:

    When it says about "the ss, dmi and pfi files to be injected" there is a pack, a kit if you will, that is used for all games.
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    Could this get you banned just as easy as with 360 backups?
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    I would not like to speculate on such a thing but it has not arisen as a possible reason for banning in any discussion I have ever seen on the subject (and I unfortunately for my sanity read a lot of them- so much speculation and nonsense).

    Then again not many people play xbox originals from what I have seen and even if they did they are extremely unlikely to play them exclusively (or even as a copied original xbox, official 360 type arrangement).

    As far as I can tell it is exactly the same concept as using copies of 360 games and given how much effort the firmware teams put into preventing bannings these days.....