Xbox original "Mamedox with 0.78 romset" on vita?

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    Mar 13, 2017
    Hi guys

    One thing that is lacking on vita is good standalone emulators, and a decent "Mame Arcade" emulator. Apart from "pfba" which is really great but it struggles with certain games hardware.

    Having used the original Xbox for many number of years as an emulation machine, Mamedox started on original Xbox which was based off of the "Mame 0.78" romset, and it had many driver upgrades added into it for optimum game performance, all running on the original Xbox which was 733mhz cpu with only 64mb RAM.

    Mamedox then turned into Coinops over the years, as more driver optimization was added to it. But if you take it back to the original emulator of "Mamedox" which was used soley to run arcade games. And it runs them fantastic.

    Is it possible that this "0.78" version of Mame could be ported over to the vita and be fullspeed like the "Original Xbox" version was? The sourcecode is out there and I only say this because the "Mame 0.78" romset has a massive library of games, and had driver optimizations and many new game hardware drivers added to it over the years, it was possible to run games on it higher that "0.78" version, and they all run absolutely fantastic.

    Its still going strong today with more updated being added, over at original Xbox website "Emuxtras", but is there a version of Mame that could be a sweet spot for the Vita? There is also a port of "Final Burn", called "Final Burn Legends" which runs great aswell. Also not being a fan of Retroarch myself, find it quite clunky and not a fan of everything being assimilated into the same place, what I would love to see is more standalone emulators being made for the Vita.

    If someone "a dev" is reading this, is it possible? Vita specs 333mhz, 444mhz overclocked with 512 ram

    is it possible?
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    If Mamedox 0.78 was opensource; possibly.

    There might be an issue with the CPU as you would have to optimize it for the multi-core cpu.
    The Xbox's graphics card (from what I found online) runs at 200mhz while the Vita's graphics runs at 222mhz when overclocked; so if the Mamedox port forced overclocking; there shouldn't be a problem with that; otherwise the vita's stock graphics speed would be about %16.5 slower (166 mhz) if it can't be forced to be overclocked; but you can overclock pretty much every game/home-brew using a plugin so that still wouldn't be a problem.

    Though, I still don't know if we have full access to the graphics processor on the vita; I know that was a problem initially with Vita home-brew but It might not be anymore; I don't know; I only recently got into the vita home-brewing scene.

    TL;DR If there's an open-source version of Mamedox; the biggest hurdle will be optimizing for the multi-core CPU (4 cores at 333/444 mhz), once that is done; i imagine compiling it for the vita wouldn't be an issue.