Xbox One S Slow Download Speeds

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    Mar 4, 2011
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    my max download speed when download a file on my pc is around 5.5 megabytes a second on average depending on what site i download off eg Microsofts website i can get up to almost 7 megabyte per second sometime more

    but on the xbox im only getting around 25 megabits = 3.1 megabytes a second some times around as low as 5 megabits = 600kbps a second

    why is the xbox one so slow??
  2. dancinsmurf

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    Oct 31, 2018
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    The answer to this question is heavily circumstantial, However to assist this could be more of a networking problem than an xbox problem. How does your PC connect to the internet? How does your xbox connect to the internet? What type of wifi router do you use?
    Is your wifi password protected? How many devices do you have connected to your internet?

    Sorry for all the questions, to answer your question at the surface, other devices could be set at a higher priority than your XBOX, and or just have a more dedicated link giving your other devices stable bandwidth