Xbox One memory performance improved significantly (ESRAM@192 GB/s)

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by soulx, Jun 29, 2013.

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    The big issue with the seperate ESRAM is that they've done what Sony did last time and created a system that's going to cause more work for the developer to use efficiently. They're dreaming with those 192GB/s speeds, Cerny already explained the design and the problems it creates.

    It doesn't make up for the simpler hardware design of the PS4, or the 50% more powerful GPU.

    edit: and thuglife already went through that and posted the video. that'll teach me to read threads.
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    Sep 23, 2010
    Elaborate please?
  3. Minox

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    Burst speed? I.E. - Such a speed might be possible in shorter time spans but not constantly?
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    Pretty much. It can be really fast when the data you're transfering is 32MB or smaller, but if it's larger, you have to "burst" a 32MB chunk, process it, return it, then send another chunk, process it, return it and so on until you reach the total size of the file. All these additional operations are asynchronous to the main clock and have to be performed outside of the "main loop" and they have to be performed before the program requires them, so the realistic performance with small files is huge but with big ones it's gimped - the bigger the file the worse the performance. With the PS4 setup, file access timing is identical regardless of file size.
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    They backtracked but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't still be mad at them for trying. Fact is that they proved that if they will aim to screw over the consumer by as much as they can get away with. They shouldn't be praised for listening to their consumer base after trying to screw them over so hard. Fact is that we had to force their hand. We told them this wouldn't fly and they pushed it as long as they could.

    As for Nintendo we should treat them the same way. If they stop Region Locking it's them catching up to the rest of the industry.

    I'm not going to be going with the XB1 because of a myriad of other issues with them and price gouging. I'm not concerned with the tinfoil hat crowd's "THE KINECT IS SPYING ON ME!!!" bullshit. MS have proved in the late life of the 360 that they only care about how much money they can get from consumers. The 360 interface is a mess of ads. All my actual apps and games are hidden in a tiny, boring looking, icon and even then I have to scroll through a huge list. I can't even watch YouTube on the console without a Gold subscription because MS say so. This shit won't stop with the 360 so I'm jumping ship.
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    Not just 50% more computational power, but 100% higher pixel fillrate and 50% higher texture fillrate. The PS4's GPU crushes the Xbox One's GPU.
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    Um... The PS4 has EDRAM as well, with a theoretical throughput on a small pipe of 1000GB/s. I don't see the X1(80) has any advantage or trick up it's sleeve.
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    This is total BS. Microsoft don't know squat about their own console and people are lining up to buy it. How do we know they're not just pissing out some numbers to make the Xbone look as good as or better than the PS4? We already know they're desperately trying to pull it out of the dumps. I wouldn't be surprised if they turned around tomorrow and said it has better graphics than PS3 because they just remembered it was underclocked all this while.
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