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    Hello, which is the best console and easy to mod? Xbox 360 e, slim or normal? And which is the easy way to do it? Dose it have to be an specific software ver? I just want to play games from usb or disc. Or maybe hard drive

    Edit: i'm new with this so i don't know nothing if is there a discord channel about this please send me an invitation.
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    You'll need a Glossy Slim or a Phat made in 2008 or later.
    Get an Xkey.
    That allows you to play games from a USB harddrive and play on Live.
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    Jul 25, 2016
    The normal version can have overheating issues: if you find one of them for cheap choose only the jasper version and when you mod it change the thermal paste.
    Every slim is ok.
    The E version comes in two flavor: one is moddable, the other no. The non moddable units in theory are the ones with 500gb hard drive but you cannot be sure.
    You have to be able to solder: it's not uber difficult but definitely not easy.

    With a jtag/rgh/rjtag/rjtop whatever is called you are able to play games from internal (or external) hard drive, install games mod, homebrew, xbox live games and DLC but you cannot go online or use burned disks.

    With a firmware drive mod you can use burned and original disks but nothing else (and many games will be still region locked). In theory you can go online however there always a possibility to get a ban.

    With an ODE mod you can use ISOs from external usb or hard disk but you have the same limitations as the firmware drive mod.

    In theory, if you have money, you can have a dual firmware setup with both the jtag and the ODE and have best of both worlds.

    If you need optical out or wifi go for a slim.
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