Xbox 360 XBLA releases roundup 20th August 2010

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    *it was still the 20th when I started.

    A quick roundup of the XBLA releases from this last week (13th of August to 20th of August), scene only and we ignore stackable releases unless they offer something new. Nothing on the nuke front.

    To use XBLA you need a JTAG hacked/homebrew capable 360 (although unlike DLC there is the option of running this from a USB drive/DVD if necessary).
    These releases are standalone but occasionally they have title updates which are available from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (sometimes release groups bundle the minimum required update if the XBLA release has DLC in with the release but not always) and DLC for them. <a href="" target="_blank"></a> might also be of use if you are playing in these circles.

    Surprisingly active this week (XBLA is usually quite quiet and it is still technical the summer drought).

    Having played it it gets a thumbs up- it is a demo/precursor to the soon to be released Dead Rising 2. Set in a small Nevada desert village it plays like a much enhanced version of dead rising. Good news is that you can level up to 5 and it should carry over for the full game when it appears.
    Such enhancements include
    Better movement- including the ability to climb over wall quite easily, grab onto ledges and generally move quicker and more freely than the first game
    Guns aim quite nicely and as such are quite useful.
    Weapon combinations- most of you would have saw the dual saw paddle combination in trailers and to keep spoilers down there are some interesting combinations like a head bursting megaphone (spraypaint and traffic cone/pylon).
    AI of NPCs is far better.
    Money now plays a role.


    An isometric Tomb Raider game and one that has been getting fairly good reviews (mainly as the isometric nature of the game goes some way to solving many problems the series has long faced), the usual platform, puzzles and shooting elements are all here. Whether these great reviews are summer drought related or whether it really is that good is left to you to decide.


    <b>Dance_Central_Beta_KINECT_XBOX360-XBLAplus</b> and <b>Joy_Ride_Beta_KINECT_XBOX360-XBLAplus</b>
    Two leaked Kinect games, not so useful without the Kinect hardware though. According to the NFOs you can browse around it with a standard controller.

    <a href="" target="_blank">Ludibria NFO link for Joy_Ride_Beta_KINECT_XBOX360-XBLAplus</a>
    <a href="" target="_blank">Ludibria NFO link for Dance_Central_Beta_KINECT_XBOX360-XBLAplus</a>

    You might also have seen the leak of Halo reach (the nature of the release and how it works placing it in XBLA territory). As of yet there has been no scene repack.
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