Xbox 360 XBLA releases roundup 13th August 2010

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    We did cover XBLA before moving to this section so a quick roundup to both keep us current and to showcase some of the good games that appeared during the time out.

    This is a roundup for the releases that happened from the 22nd of May 2010 until 13th August 2010, after this they will probably be weekly roundups unless a release is big enough to break the cycle.
    To use XBLA you need a JTAG hacked/homebrew capable 360 (although unlike DLC there is the option of running this from a USB drive/DVD if necessary).
    These releases are standalone but occasionally they have title updates which are available from (sometimes release groups bundle the minimum required update if the XBLA release has DLC in with the release but not always) and DLC. might also be of use if you are playing in these circles.

    We ignore stackable releases unless they have something to offer.

    After_Burner_Climax_XBLA_XBOX360-RABO got nuked for being a dupe of After_Burner_Climax_XBLA_XBOX360-XBLAplus so it is ignored here.

    An arena based third person shooter with a focus on team based gameplay modes. Not sure how well it will work outside of xbox live though.

    Got middling to bad reviews- this is something of a remix/(attempted) tour de force of the GBA/DS entries to the Castlevania series with co-op/multiplayer (that according to many falls quite flat).

    Another XBLA with very mixed reviews- the game itself is a sequel to the 1999 arcade game about speedboat/rocketboat racing. Racing game and series fans will probably find something to like but it will probably not bring in any new fans.

    A release but one that requires Live- a collectors release really although apparently there are some avatar awards or something within it.

    Limbo is a physics/puzzle driven platform with a fairly unique art style, you will die often but autosave points are close enough together for it not to bother you so much and it is a bit on the short side of things but still good.

    A diablo clone but with a serious lean towards humour, it gained great reviews for the story and gameplay so it is well worth a look in if you like this sort of thing.

    Based on the TV show of the same name this is a 3d arena fighting game pitting historical warriors against each other. Gameplay is closer to the likes of Bushido Blade (you can cripple opponents and end rounds very quickly) than the likes of street fighter that are all about health bars.
    TV show to games outside of cartoons at least are very rare and usually lumped in with film to games and all that it implies. This game however defies the odds and turns out to be a good game.

    A budget FPS game aimed at multiplayer, some say it lacks the polish of the bigger name/budget titles and they are probably right.
    On the other hand there are several months until the next glut of FPS games so it could be worth a look in.

    An enhanced remake (original and mixed options available) of the classic adventure game Monkey Island 2. As with most remakes it is hard to say whether existing fans will want another playthrough but as far as adventure games go this is a top flight one.

    Sequel to Puzzle Quest and unlike the other sequel Puzzle Quest: Galactrix it returns to the basic Puzzle Quest formula. Suffice it to say a quick "just test it to see if it works" after eating one night turned into "oh dear is it getting light outside".

    A multi character platform game- takes after the likes of lost vikings in that you get multiple characters with different abilities needed to finish a level. Most levels are simple but there are a lot of them.

    The XBLA (and equivalents) seem to be the place to be these days for "ports" of classic puzzle/board games, this one is a remix of sorts of the classic board game risk (which itself has seen loads of versions). It features classic world domination type play as well as a shorter objective mode (a option familiar to many who have played a modern version of risk no doubt), the map is not the classic risk map of Earth but a custom one but it works. Unlike Catan or Carcassonne which are nicely animated versions of the board game this game gained a cartoon type art style along the way.

    A port of sidescrolling Duke Nukem game harking back to the titles before Duke 3d although rather than metal slug esque graphics it is close to the likes of Shadow Complex. It got very mixed reviews usually along the lines of gameplay is solid but what we would have seen 15 or more years ago (keycards and the like).

    Got some fairly good reviews although none of them hail it as the best thing ever. Breakout/arkanoid meets platformer is the general gameplay description.

    2d tag fighting game featuring a bunch of NeoGeo characters, apparently suffers for the 360 controller. Gets the job done but there are better 2d fighting offerings out there.

    Another of the enhanced remake crowd. Earthworm Jim (and the sequel) were 16 bit classics and while time has not necessarily done it any favours the addition of new levels and co-op have helped. It is not for everyone but if you like oddball platformers (or worse have never played one of the versions) then have a look at this.

    An arcade plane combat title set in a world war 1 version the Snoopy universe of all things. Rather shockingly for a comic/cartoon cash in it got very good reviews and much like many other XBLA offers sits very well in the amusing distraction category.

    A tie in to the cartoon show of the same name, very mixed reviews and unlike some of the other games based on the franchise this one earns a fans only remark.

    Ubisoft present a puzzle/action game that sits somewhere between bloxorz, marble madness and the relevant parts of the lava levels of Mario 64. Will probably not see hundreds of hours of play unlike some other puzzle games but on the amusing distraction front it holds up well against the competition.

    A port of Doom 2 to XBLA and it gains a few levels along the way. Some hacking work is also going on with it (the formats are relatively unchanged from the original version, indeed the new levels have been ripped out and work with some the enhanced PC versions) so it might also be able to see custom levels in fairly short order.
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    Another valuable roundup, thanks enlighting us, and good news for the DOOM II extra level can't wait to test it with the Odamex port for Xbox 1 when it will be out.