Xbox 360 XBLA releases roundup 11th September 2010

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    In case you missed it there was no XBLA the previous week but there were two releases this week (this post effective covers 28th of August to 11th of September). The only DLC this week was music game related so that will be held over for next post.

    <b>General idea</b>
    With the so called JTAG or SMC hack for 360s (and while it does not apply with these releases the "MW2 glitch"/modern warfare 2 glitch) the ability to play downloaded XBLA and DLC appeared. These threads cover the XBLA and DLC releases, we only cover the scene and we ignore stackable releases unless they have something to offer (stackable just means releases that have the same achievements but as far as the 360 is concerned count as a different game).

    XBLA are standalone but occasionally they have their only title updates ( <a href="" target="_blank"></a> although it is down at this point) and DLC (indeed the so called game room is an XBLA game based around DLC packs). If you move around long enough in these circles <a href="" target="_blank"></a> is a good site to have bookmarked.

    <b>The releases</b>
    XBLAplus continue their domination of the XBLA scene and offer up two releases this week, they are not as high profile as some of the previous weeks it might be worth a look in.


    Looking around it seems to be about the dance mat (indeed if you find yourself playing a game like this with a controller there are several things that could be said and would be unpleasant to hear). No real reviews but it seems to have a story mode of sorts and "20 game exclusive tracks made for the game" (probably with all that it implies) and competition/multiplayer if that means anything (pass the controller being so difficult and all).



    Popcap's multiplatform action puzzler/tower defence game appears on XBLA and gains some co-op and versus while it is at it. If you have yet to play such a title then <a href="" target="_blank"></a> (or if you want a DS game <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ). If you return here in a few hours wondering where the time went have at but otherwise comparing tower defence games (assuming they work) is a bit like comparing the backs of decks of cards.