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    Anyway the title gives the general jist of what I'm in need of help for. Back when original live support was up and cool I downloaded all the Halo 2 multiplayer map packs onto my Xbox 360 Hard drive (Call it Hard drive A) that I first had. Now with my Xbox 360 Elite I have a 120GB Hard drive (Hard drive B) which I want to transfer my Halo 2 saves/maps onto.

    It seemed pretty simple, transfer content from Hard drive A to a USB storage device and then from that onto Hard drive B. Although when I go to do this the only options for Halo 2 content come up with "Delete" where as Xbox 360 content (Saves and what not) come up with options "Move, Delete, Copy".

    Is there something that I may be missing? If there isn't then if I get a transfer cable somehow is it possible to transfer the maps/save files to my PC from Hard Drive A, and then from my PC to Hard drive B?

    EDIT: Dammit I went into Halo 2 on Hard drive A and it said that the maps were damaged and have to be re-downloaded. It seems that they can't work without live and live has been canceled for original Xbox, so no more Halo 2 maps I guess.