Xbox 360 successor codename: "Ten/Loop"

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    On the latest Windows Weekly podcast, a rumour was mentioned claiming that the next Xbox will be announced on CES 2012. Some other rumoured details about the next-gen console mentioned in the podcast are shown below,

    - Codenamed TEN, is all about Metro, embedded Silverlight and an Apple-like integration with Windows and Windows Phone

    - The dashboard preview is supposedly this week (tomorrow?) and will include the Bing search integration, Live TV hooks and more

    While the credibility of this source is dubious, it is worth noting that the host of this podcast, Paul Thurrott is known for being well-versed in aspects concerning Microsoft. We'll find out whether this is true or not at CES 2012, which starts in two months.

    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Ongoing Discussion
    Thanks to soulx for the heads up.​
Thread Status:
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