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    Hi All,

    Ok i have some questions and would love some advise from some other gba tempers please.
    I currently have a xbox 360 that is banned and i have heard about uncrippling of the hard drive but some say that not all can be uncrippled is this true?
    My son wants to move his gamertag and saves between 2 xbox 360 units so is the easiest way to swap the hard drive itself or use a xbox memory unit?
    Do i have to recover the gamertag each time i swap between xbox 360?
    Also i have heard if i take banned xbox hard drive and put in new 360 that the saves and gamertag can be corrupted?
    Thanks in adavcne.

    Cheers Shane
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    It is true not all can be uncrippled- the way it works is to exploit the way by which NAND writing (when done properly) works, done properly it shifts the data around to avoid writing sectors too many times.
    You can then pull an old pre ban copy of the secdata.bin from the NAND dump and flash it back (it is all signed already), the vast majority of those that tried this have had it work but there have been those without a pre ban secdata.bin.

    I recall a similar thread the other week for the swapping questions, I will try and dig up a link.

    Personally I would get/build a cheap drive, "clone" it and transfer saves as necessary.

    Banned drive leading to "viral" banning- not that I have seen to verify. Hacked profiles and saves are a different matter.
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    "Viral" banning... is not something I've seen. The one 360 I have that is banned just can't use the drive anymore, but the drive works fine (once formatted) in any other 360, including going on LIVE. I've not tried to uncripple the banned 360 though.
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    con uncorruptor / con flag remover will allow for the recovery of a "corrupt" gamertag, so it can be reused again right off of the HDD.. the problem is the 360 itself, NAND dumping and flashing will have to occurr to get it up and running fully again
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    Well why not ask a question here too.

    If the Xbox read the dvd of a dual layer one(not the official) will it run slower? Like Wii.
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    As of modern firmwares it will read at the same speed as a normal drive, for noise issues some older firmwares did have low speed options and a few people have hacked newer firmwares.