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    Feb 10, 2013
    Hey, i have a Jasper XBOX 360 with a LiteOn DVD Drive on Dashboard

    I would like to know whats the safest dash i can update to do flash the drive with LT 3.0 (without probe) and also maintain the ability to do an RGH later if i decide, also what would be the best glitch chip to do the RGH with and is the chip all i need?

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    You'll need a Probe 3.
    All Liteons need a Probe 3.

    If you want to glitch it then update it to 14699 and extract your CPU key with a CR3 Lite.
    Save your CPUKey and your NAND and keep them on a safe location!
    Then you can update it again and install the Glitch chip again on a later date.
    Be sure to build a freshly hacked NAND that matches the update you're at in the future.

    To flash the DVD drive.
    You'll need a X360 USB Pro v2 and a Probe 3 (or you can chose to use your PC sata chipset and your Xbox as power supply but I strongly advice against that!!!)

    To RGH your 360.
    You'll need a NAND-X or JRunner programmer and a CR3 Lite glitchchip.
    Along with some solder and a 12w fine tip soldering iron.