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    Hey everybody! I've been having a problem with a game, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. A long time ago, I managed to get ice cream on the disc and my cat bit the disc a few times. It now doesn't read, but it does show "Play Game" on the dashboard, it just immediately tells me the disc is unreadable. The only other time something like this has happened is when I got a ring scratch on my Call of Duty Black Ops 2 disc. I tripped over my headset and knocked the console over while playing the game and got that scratch. My friend gave me his copy of the game and I installed it to my hard drive. The barely working disc I had was able to boot! This is what I'd like to do with Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. However, I don't know anybody else with a copy of the game. Would it be possible to find a copy of the game online and install that file from a flash drive? I don't mean I want to hack my xbox to play the downloaded game, but I wanted to be able to install the game so when my disc is in it, it runs. Just like in my Black Ops 2 situation. Any input or advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Won't work. Pretty sure disc installs are tied to the console, so you need to install it on your console directly, same as you did with black ops.
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    Disc installs are tied to console yep.